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For each of the following sentences, indicate the classification by structure and purpose.
For each of the following sentences, indicate the classification by structure and purpose.
According to the patient, she has had a long history of urinary tract infections, and she is used to taking antibiotics periodically for these.
After you spent all those years in college, why would you decide to become a bartender?
complex, interrogative
We really needed her help in developing a new strategy for membership growth and marketing our benefits.
simple, declarative
The patient complained of severe restrictive chest pain, but we ruled out an MI with EKG and cardiac enzymes.
compound, declarative
If you touch me, I will call the police!
complex, exclamatory
Let me have your order tomorrow if you can.
complex, imperative
Despite her mild improvement on this regimen, I am going to try her on a different protocol, and we'll see if we can get better result.
compound-complex, declarative
Watch out!
simple, exclamatory
Take this medication, which I'm giving you a prescription for, and be sure to call me if your symtoms don't improve.
compound-complex, imperative
How much longer do we have to wait for the doctor to arrive?
simple, interrogative