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Elevated blood pressure may be noted in the patient who is exhibiting this syndrome
white coat
An infant brought to the ER with excessive bruising on examination and old fractures on x-ray could be a victim of:
child abuse
Test used to measure response in a neurologically impaired patient
Glasgow Coma Scale
Procedure often necessary following chest trauma due to MVA
Patients who make frequent visits to the emergency department complaining of severe pain are often labeled as:
The study of the nature, effects, and detection of poisons in living organisms
Abnormal reflex that is a sign of central nervous system lesion
ABCs of trauma care
Airway classification
Technique often referred to as the cornerstone for emergency airway management
rapid sequence induction
Biochemical markers for AMI (acute myocardial infarction)
troponin/creatine kinase/MB (CK-MB)
Type of wound typically created by a dog bite
crushing type
Cause for failure of the body's thermoregulatory mechanism
heat stroke
An indication of aortic dissection
interscapular pain often described as tearing in nature
When the Romberg test is positive with the patient's eyes open, this diagnosis is
impaired proprioception