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Hazelden is the name of
A a private drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.*
B the first person who described PTSD as a group of symptoms.
C a city in Minnesota where alcoholism was first diagnosed as a disease.
D a facility in NYC that caters to treating addictive behaviors.
What percentage of patients with addictive disorders also have co-morbid conditions?
A 50% to 70%
B 10% to 30%
C 70% to 80%*
D 60% to 70%
PTSD is an acronym for
A post-trauma substance disease.
B past-traumatic stress disorder.
C past-trauma substance disorder.
D post-traumatic stress disorder.*
Which two are accomplished prior to a patient's admission to a treatment unit at Hazelden?
A medical and financial assessments
B detoxification and a financial assessment
C medical assessment and MMPI evaluation
D medical assessment and detoxification*
What other areas are evaluated to formulate a care plan?
A psychological, emotional and behavioral assessments*
B basic lab, emotional and MMPI assessments
C behavioral, emotional and basic lab assessments
D personality, emotional and behavioral assessments
A psychiatric evaluation is taken at what time frame?
A week four
B week one*
C day five
The psychiatric evaluation is delayed to allow for what?
A the patient to settle in*
B the patient to detoxify
C the patient to be observed first
D the patient to be less apprehensive about treatment
Two treatment models that have been studied are
A parallel and acute.
B acute and sequential.
C parallel and sequential.*
D acute and chronic.
Hazelden's key to successful treatment is
A the protracted stay and intervention.
B a team-focused approach.*
C family involvement and careful attention to aftercare.
D extensive outpatient programs.
Many of Hazelden's patients suffer from
A self-inflicted physical injuries.
B poor self-esteem.
C self-medicated-induced mental health disorders.*
D none of the above.
Research indicates that patients with mental health disorders suffer with a higher incidence of
A addictive behavior.*
B self-inflicted physical injuries.
C acting-out behaviors.
D all of the above.
What is a particular challenge when treating dual-diagnoses patients?
A detoxification
B isolating each diagnosis
C treating both diagnoses successfully
D pharmaceuticals*
Which two are alternative therapies at Hazelden?
A cognitive behavior and TFT (thought-field therapy)
B expressive art and relaxation techniques
C biofeedback and cognitive behavior*
D TFT (thought-field therapy) and expressive art
Educating _____ is an integral part of treatment at Hazelden.
Educating _____ is an integral part of treatment at Hazelden.*