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Monastaries and Convents preserved what 2 kinds of literature?
Reilgious & Classical
What mix of customs were the foundations of the Early Middle Ages?
Greco-Roman, Germanic, Christian
What was the most important institution of the Middle Ages?
The Roman Catholic Church
What are some important contributions of the medieval church?
Spread of Christianity, Preservation of Greco-Roman knowledge
Monasteries not only served religious needs, but________ needs as well.
Why did fuedalism develope in Western Europe?
People needed protection from invaders
Manors were mostly _______________,meaning they could support themselves.
What were peasants bound to the land called?
What was land given to a vassal?
A fief
This usually had a church, mill, 1-room huts, and a big house.
What did the feudal lords give to the peasants and artisans who lived on the land?
Protection, shelter, food, land
What king reestablished Roman culture to Western Europe?
Which Germanic Tribe was the strongest?
The Franks
What proves the political power of the church in the Eraly Middle Ages?
The Pope had the power to annoint kings
Why did the Vikings stop their raids in the 11th Century?
They settled in Hungary.
Who are th invaders fromm Scandanavia? From Central Asia? From the Middle East?
In that order: The Vikings, The Magyars, The Muslims
3 examples of how invasions disrupted the economy, society, politics of Europe.
Castles were built, feudal system strengthened, towns emptied.
What trade route connected Asia to Europe?
Silk Roads
What trade route connected Northeast Africa to Northwest Africa?
Trans-Saharan Trade Route
What religion was spread across the Trans-Saharan Trade Route?
What Continents were connected by trade routes?
Europe & Asia, North Africa
Near what ocean did spice come from?
Trade route created ________ _________ among different civilizations
Cultural Diffusion
Roman authority goes ____ , while the authority of the Roman Catholic Church goes ____.
Catholic Church:up
Pope ___ __ crowned ___________ the ____ _____ _______.
Pope Leo III crowed Charlemagne the Holy Roman Emperor.