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To amplify the policy and procedures for issuing, accounting, handling, safe-guarding, and disposing of communication security material caontained in CMS-1, is the purpose of what pub?
The acronym CMCS stands for what and what is its mission?
COMSEC Material Control System- to ensure proper distribution, control, security, and accountablility of COMSEC material used through out the Navy and its affliates.
Who operates the CMCS and maintains the Navy Central Office of Record (COR) to provide accountabliity control for COMSEC material used through out the Navy?
DCMS- Director, Communication Security Material System
KAM/SAM/KAO/LMM's are publications associated with what?
COMSEC Equipment
Which publication contains maintenance procedures for their related equipment?
Which publication contains operating instructions for COMSEC equipment
Which publication is the unclassified version of the limited maintenance KAM, which is distributed outside of the CMCS?
Which publication contains maintenance procedures for COMSEC test equipment
Who is responsible for assigning classifications to COMSEC equipment?
DIRNSA- Director, National Security Agency
All classified equipment and CCI is, by national policy, assigned what AL code?
Accountability Legend Code 1- which requires accountability of each individual equipment or component by serial number
Most ancillary equipment is assigned what code?
What ALC requires report of intial receipt by local accountability thereafter?
How often is inventory required to be conducted on CMS equipment and publications by CMS accounts?
* Annually
* Upon change of custodian
* Upon change of Command
All COMSEC equipment requirements are programmed by whom?
Equipment failures should be promptly reported to DCMS via what type of message?
CASREP- Casualty Report
What program provides funding for the repair of failed COMSEC equipment used by mobile units?
CERP- COMSEC Equipment Repair Program
Which commands are authorized to direct or authorize the temporary transfer of COMSEC equipment between CMS account commands within their respective areas of control to meet operational needs?
Which commands are authorized to direct or authorize the permanent transfer of COMSEC equipment for replacement of CASREP equipment?
*officers-in-Tatcial Command
*Commanding Officers of units holding a provisional spare unit
Who is the item manager and inventory control point for COMSEC equipment for the department of the Navy(DON)?
DCMS- Director, Communication Security Material System
Which command provides adequate and effective logistics support for COMSEC equipment?
COMNAVSUPSYSCOM- Commander, Navl Supply System Command
Which command provides interim spares logistics support?
DCMS is identified as what COG item manager in the Navy Supply System?
2L Cog
A secure telecommunication or information handling equipment, ancillary device, or associated cryptographic component, which is unclassifed but controlled, is known as what?
CCI- controlled Cyrptograpic Item
Which annex goes over short title formats?
annex k
Which annex goes over technical publication listings?
annex f
Which annex lists crypto repair facilities and Micro-Miniature crypto facilities
annex A