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using credibility as a method of persuasion
using logic as a method of persuasion
appealing to emotions as a method of persuasion
what are the factors of credibility?
competence, trustworthiness, energeticness or charisma
initial credibility
impression of a speaker's credibility that listeners have before the speaker starts a speech
derived credibility
perceptions of a speaker's competence, trustworthiness, and dynamism based on what the speaker says and does during a speech
terminal credibility
the final impresssion listener's have of a speaker's credibility after the speech has finished
What is a fallacy?
false reasoning that occurs when someone attempts to persuade w/out adequate evidence
casual fallacy
making a faulty cause and effect connection between two things or events
bandwagon fallacy
reasoning that suggests the b/c everyone else believes something, then it must be valid
either-or fallacy
oversimplifying an issue as having only one of two outcomes or choices