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to be responsible for
estar encargada/o de
cuanto antes
most often
mas que nada
just as
igual de
We had just started talking...
Justo habíamos empezado a hablar
exhausted from so much verb
agotado/a DE tanto INFINITIVE
it took him/her a moment to verb (realize)
tardó un momento EN INFINITIVE (darse cuenta de que)
to realize that
darse cuenta DE QUE
from house to house
de casa en casa
I'm fed up with you

(There's) a lot (of food)
me tienes harta

Hay harta comida
towards the end of (winter)
hacia el final del (invierno)
call back (or return the favor, etc.)
te devuelvo la llamada (el favor)
You had better take your coat.

It would be better not to do it.

Better late than never.
Más vale que te lleves el abrigo.

Más vale no hacerlo.

Más vale tarde que nunca.
I wouldn’t go even if you paid me.

I kept walking even though my feet hurt.
No iría, aunque me pagaras.

Seguí caminando aunque me dolían los pies.
not in the mood for
no está para
to be bored stiff (really really bored)
aburrirse como una ostra
no way!
qué va!
We’re planning on (staying in DF for a few days.)
Tenemos pensado quedarnos unos días en DF.
I'm bad at pirouettes/pirouettes are my weak point
estoy muy floja en pirouettes.
Nobody turned their back on me because of it. On the contrary, they congratulated me.

Are you bored? - Not at all, I’m loving it.
Nadie me dio la espalda por ello. Al contrario, me felicitaron.

¿Te aburres? - Al contrario, me encanta.
from now on
De ahora en adelante
to be unlucky enough to do or to have the misfortune to

they were unlucky enough to break an arm
tener la desgracia de hacer

tuvieron la desgracia de fracturarse un brazo
in any case/no matter what
En todo caso
if not, otherwise
En caso contrario
against/opposed to
ser contrario/a A sustantivo o infinitivo
the opposite direction
en sentido contrario/ dirección contraria
whereas, however, but, on the other hand
en cambio
gets on my nerves
me pone de los nervios
to be on edge (nervous)
estar de los nervios
has the radio on
tiene el radio puesto
to complain about a noun

to complain about a verb
quejarse del/de la sustantivo

quejarse de que indicativo
to think yourself to be/ like to think of yourself as

I like to think of myself as generous
presumir de (sustantivo o adjectivo)

presumo de generosa
just to be on the safe side (un decir)
por si las moscas
hardly any people (decir)

There were only a few of us there.
cuatro gatos

No eramos más que cuatro gatos allá.
to swindle or to con somebody
dar gato por liebre (te dieron gato por liebre - they swindled you)
(#) at a time
de a #
every five minutes (constantly)
cada dos por tres
look up, down, away, back
levantar, bajar, apartar, volver la vista
the right/wrong time

couldn't have been at a better/worse time
el momento oportuno/inoportuno

no pudo ser más oportuno/inoportuno
I’m sorry to bother you.
Siento mucho molestarle.
at all
en absoluto
en fin,
in the meantime, in the meanwhile

en el entretanto

supposed to
was supposed to
se supone que (indicativo)
se suponía que (indicativo pasado)
as soon as
en cuanto (+subj si es el futuro)
to change one´s mind
cambiar DE idea
make no mistake
there´s no doubt about it
¡No le quepa la menor duda!
no cabe la menor duda
during the week / on a weekday
entre semana
to come to light
to be patently obvious
saltar a la luz
saltar a la vista