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A(n) ____ signal is designed to carry computer data, which is represented and stored as bits
Technically inclined people may opt to run ____ copper cable through the walls and attic space of their homes to set up a business-quality network.
twisted pair
____ calling includes phone calls to other users of the same carrier.
____ is the process of adding geographic identification metadata to digital media and messages.
Bluetooth communicates at speeds up to ____.
1 Mbps
A ____ network covers a geographic area with many cellular towers spaced in cells, so that wherever a handset is within the area, it can connect with a tower.
With the advent of ____ generation technology, broadband Internet services over cellular networks were made available.
Fourth (4G)
Among cell phone form factors, the ____ form factor is a hinged phone with the keypad on one panel and the display on the other.
____ may eventually replace the bar code as the primary identification system for merchandise because it is much more convenient and can relay more information.
____ fees are incurred when you use your phone outside of your carrier’s coverage area.
A ____ is a small electronic box used as a central point for connecting a series of computers.
The most popular add-on service for cell phones is ____.
Text messaging
A ____ connects to a wired network, and receives and transmits data to wireless adapters installed in computers.
Wireless Access Point
On-site paging systems use small desktop transmitters to send pages over a small wireless network that covers a range of up to ____ miles.
Personal computers attached to a network are often called ____.
A WiMAX access point has a ____-mile range.
The language of telecommunications is governed by ____.
LANs designed to serve an entire city are called ____ area networks.
With Bluetooth, up to ____ devices can be paired simultaneously.
Signal frequency is measured in ____.
Many wireless technologies are used to access different types of data and information from various environments; some, like ____, have very specific functions.
A new fourth-generation technology called ____ is advancing toward very high-speed wireless Internet access being available essentially everywhere
Longterm Evolution
Using an agreed-upon ____ formats the communications between devices when managing a network operating system.
GPS ____ are primarily used to assist travelers in getting from one place to another.
____ is wireless telecommunications that take place at a distance of about 8 inches or less.
Bandwidth is measured in ____.
A cellular handset that supports voice communications and data communications over the Internet is called a ____ phone.
A(n) ____ uses satellites to pinpoint the location of objects on earth.
A(n) ____ uses a technique called tunneling to securely send private network data over the Internet.
Some governments and companies can avoid their own country’s laws by processing data in other countries, sometimes called data ____, that have few restrictions on telecommunications or databases.
LTE is promoted by the ____.
A large business might hire an ESP to set up a(n) ____.
A local area network becomes a ____ area network when it extends beyond one geographic location to another geographic location.
Waves sent at the high end of the radio spectrum, between 1 and 300 GHz, are called ____.
Narrowband is considered any medium with a speed less than ____.
200 Kbps
Connecting corporate computer systems among organizations is the idea behind ____.
____ minutes are the number of minutes per month, at any time of the day, that can be used for phone calls.
Wi-Fi technology uses wireless ____ points that send and receive data using radio frequencies to and from computers and other digital devices equipped with Wi-Fi cards or adapters.
____ is the most popular international standard for mobile phones.
Through the use of ____ technology, companies gain a better control over inventory, getting products to locations where they are needed just in time.
A PAN typically covers a range of around ____ feet.
LTE is an extension of ____.
Radio spectrum refers to all of the frequencies available for radio waves from about ____ and their assigned uses.
10 KHz to 300 GHz
The ____ refers to the part of a telecommunications network that connects to residences and businesses—the part of the network other than the backbone.
last mile
We rely on ____ as the dominant technology to provide wireless Internet access in our households and businesses.
wireless fidelity
The ____ is responsible for setting up and maintaining a network, implementing network policies, and assigning user access permissions.
system administrator
Current ____ cellular technology is bringing wireless broadband data services to mobile phones.
A ____ card is a circuit board or PC card that, when installed, provides a port for the device to connect to a wired network with traditional network cables.
network interface
A ____ area network is a privately owned computer network that connects computers and devices within the same building or local geographic area.
A ____ area network is the interconnection of personal information technology devices, typically wirelessly, within the range of an individual.
The most recent version of Wi-Fi is ____.
The range of Bluetooth communication is up to ____ feet.
A ____ is considered a telecommunications device insofar as it sends and receives the signals employing software that governs its operations.
cell tower
Using a dedicated line leased from the phone company, your college could create a ____ by joining two LANs.
If you plan to travel abroad with your cell phone, you will probably want to use ____.
When a workstation accesses information over the network, it is considered to be a ____ resource.
With the use of a ____, signals are modulated and demodulated from one form to another, typically for the purpose of connecting to the Internet.
A network operating system performs the same types of functions for the network as ____ software performs for a computer.
operating system
Phone-line networking, also called ____, links computers through a home’s phone wires.
A data plan allows users to access Web content at ____ from a cell phone.
2 Mbps
In an intranet, a Web server provides confidential data to LAN users, while keeping the data safe from those outside the organization through the use of a ____.
____ is used for the backbone of telecom networks and in some LANs.
Devices attached to a network are called _____.
Among cell phone form factors, the ____ form factor is a solid, thin rectangular block with no hinges.
____ offers an inner conductor wire surrounded by insulation, a conductive shield, and a cover used for cable TV and other applications.
Wi-Fi uses access points to wirelessly connect users to networks within a range of ____.
Seattle’s Space Needle has become home to a(n) ____ antenna that provides high-speed Internet access to local subscribers that is double and triple the speeds provided over cable modems.
____ has become one of the default protocols for many private networks.