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The passive electrical components used to store charges and filter signals.
Multiple lane highways made of copper circuit paths on the motherboard are called
These are used to limit current, or the flow of electricity
This acts as a miniature transformer, it increases or decreases voltage.
The 2 bridge type of controllers on a motherboard that are examples of qsop
Northbridge & southbridge
These are small plastic coated shunts that are used to produce an electrical connection between open circuits on the motherboard. You may need to configure jumpers when installing new devices in the computer, such as harddrives.
Jumpers & Switches
The essential size, shape, and design of a motherboard.
Form factor
IBM allowed open access to the motherboard components they pioneered by making their system this?
Open Architecture
The most common form factor
The CPU fits into this type of socket
This means to communicate.
The speed of data is determined by this.
Clock speed
Control how the data is sent via the?
data bus
Where data is going via?
address bus
The 2 main bus categories are the ?
system bus & the in/out bus
This type of bus connects the CPU to the RAM?
systen bus
This gets the attention of the CPU
Each bus runs at a different clock speed true or false?
This allows for data to be transferred from the component to the memory without passing the CPU.
The device sends more than one signal over a single pin.
AGP uses what to increase speed?
This replaced AGP?
PCI eXpress
attaches cd and dvd drives to the motherboard
IDE, EIDE etc.
I/O connectors that are shaped like a horizontal D and are called
D Shell Connectors
Meaning it can be plugged and unplugged while the computer is on
Hot Swapping
Both IEEE and USB support these data transfers
High speed parallel data sustained interface, available in several versions
This controls the type and speed of CPU's that the motherboard will accept?
BIOS means?
Basic Input / Output System
The GUI is the part of the collection what? that allows the user to make changes in the BIOS?
3 steps of the boot process/
post, BIOS/CMOS, and the bootstrap