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This is the type of ram inside the processor.
4 parts of ram
votatility, refresh signal, access speed, and packaging
Memory chips are arranged in this carrier known as the
Which ram is slower? DRAM or SRAM
Flip flops are a form of what?
stable storage
The process of erasing EPORM chips is?
This group sets the standard for DDR memory
The only type of ram that doesnt require refresh signal
Static RAM
This is the type of storage for floppies
magnetic storage
This is the type of storage for CD's & Dvd's/
optical drive
This is how fast the data can be saved & written to a drive.
Access speed
One of the few remaining mechanical parts of the PC.
Hard Drive
Low level formatting is done by ?
High level performing is done when?
through the GUI during installlation of the OS
This allows smaller disks to act as one single HD
Many computers today incorporate the sound card right into the motherboard chipset called?
Onboard Sound
The standard commercial sound card?
Sound Blaster Pro
Commercial soundcards have a emphasis on what?
This is what determines quality on a soundcard?
hardware design, and processing algorithms
This device chip converts an analog signal to digital data
This chip allows manipulation of digital data?
This device chip converts a digital data to a analog signal?
Data conversions multiple times will cause additional, more noticable data loss called?
generational loss
Soundcards do 4 main things?
Record audio, Playback pre-recorded music, synthesis sounds, and process existing sounds
Has the ability to accept a sound input while simultaneously providing sound output?
Full Duplex
A set o froutines, protocols, and the tools for building software applications is available. It also acts as an interface between the hardware and the software.