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Edwin H. Armstrong developed ____ radio.
Identifying a specific audience and programming is called _____________.
Lee de Forest perfected a glass bulb called the _________ that could detect ________ _________.
Audion; radio waves
The _______ _______, as a media personality, was made possible by inexpensive broadcast licensing by ____.
disc jockey; BMI
The percentage of people listening to radio that a station is reaching is called the ________.
The man credited with inventing "format" radio is __________ __________.
Gordon McLendon
The Radio Act of _____ required _________ _________ for people who wanted to broadcast or receive messages
1912; federal licenses
The Radio Act of _____ which said broadcasters must operate in the "public convenience, interest, or necessity," became the foundation for _____ broadcast regulation.
1927; all
The Telecommunications Act of _______ removes the limit on the number of _______ _______ a company can own nationwide.
1996; radio stations
A direct responsibility of the producer in the movie industry is to arrange funding for a ________ _______.
movie project
America's first public showing of a motion picture was in ______.
Because of the practice of ______ _______, movie theater owners were forced to accept several movies at once.
block booking
Eadweard Muybridge first photographed ________.
In the ______'s, the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors Association began cracking down on _________ _________ by stating that movies should not be made that will lower the ______ standards of viewers.
1920s; movie content; moral
In the ______'s, the movie industry was dominated by the ______ ______, which included MGM, Paramount, Warner Brothers, RKO, and 20th Century Fox
1930s; Big Five
Movie ___________ codes changed forever with the release of Man With The Golden Arm, a film about ________ _________.
censorship; drug addiction
The first feature-length motion picture with sound was _____ ______ _________.
The Jazz Singer
The _____ vs. _______ ________ case led to major studios divesting themselves of their __________.
US vs. Paramount Pictures; theaters
________ _________ played a role in the development of moviemaking by organizing the first American motion picture premier.
Thomas Edison
A _________ is the percentage of the total number of households with TV sets tuned to a specific programs.
According to TV commentator Jeff Greenfield, commercial television primarily exists as an _________ ________.
advertising medium
American political conventions were able to broadcast nationwide for the first time because of AT&T's national ________ _______ _______.
coaxial cable hookups
_______ contend the main flaw with ratings today is that ratings are religiously followed to determine program offerings.
FCC chairman Newton Minow in 1961 said that television was a "________ _________."
vast wasteland
In the last ____ years, the commercial broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX) share of ________ -_________ audience has dramatically ___________because of cable, satellite TV, and ____________ programming.
25; prime-time; decreased; syndicated
Philo T. Farnsworth developed the __________ _______ _______ to reproduce an electronic image more clearly
cathode ray tube
________ ________ scandals in the 50s caused a ___________ in advertiser-produced programming
Quiz shows; reduction
The Telecommunications Act of _______ allows one company to own ________ __________ that reach up to ____% of US homes.
1996; TV stations, 35
The two men who developed network TV and held the country's largest interest in radio were David ____________ and William __________
Sarnoff and Paley
A _________ is software that allows people to search electronically among many documents
A ___________ ___________ _________ is the equipment that delivers programs from their source to subscribers.
digital communication server
Digital transmission of written words, audio and video are translated and stored as ______.
_________ _________ _________ concern the rights of creative people to be compensated for the use of their work.
Intellectual property rights
__________ or __________ __________ means a method of squeezing information into a tiny electronic package
signal or data compression
The Communications Decency Act, outlawing certain Internet content was struck _______ by US Supreme Court in ________.
down; 1997
The __________ is a combination of thousands of computer networks sending and receiving data world-wide.
The person most responsible for creating world wide web is _______ ___________-_______
Tim Berners-Lee
The term "_____________" means media that combine text, graphics, sound, and video.
The tool used to locate information in a computer database is a ________ _________.
search engine
_________ ________ involves creating understanding for or good will toward a company, person, or product.
Public relations
Major difference between PR and Advertising: Advertising people are usually _____ involved in corporate policy decisions and public relations people are usually ______ involved with company policy decisions
not; am
Advertisers use a ________ based on the cost of reaching _______ people to determine where to run their _____.
formula; 1,000; ads
Getting a newspaper to write stories about a new toy is an example of __________ _______ _________.
product public relations
Many firms attempt to use _____ to get favorable media coverage of their products b/c it is _______ to get a publicity release published then to purchase an ______.
PR; cheaper; ad
The __________ _________ ___________ can order an advertiser to stop a deceptive ad campaign.
Federal Trade Commission
The largest employer of public information people in the US is the __________ ___________.
federal government
The term "______________" refers to the analysis of audience characteristics such as sex, age, marital status.
The ubiquity of advertising means that advertising is _________.
_________ marketing is pass-along advertising messages
____________ concerns the payment of cash or gifts by recording companies to disk jockeys or program directors in exchange for ______ ______.
Payola ; air play