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Reiter’s syndrome often occurs postdysentary or associated with what?
What is the classic triad of Reiter’s Syndrome
Arthritis (oligoarticular, and lower extremity joints more than upper)
-nongonococcal urethritis
What are some other S/s of Reiter’s?
-mucocutaneous lesions on tongue, palate, and glans penis
What is Keratoderma blenorrhagicum that is associated with Reiter’s?
hyperkeratotic rash on soles or palms
What are some remote system involvement that can occur in Reiter’s?
-peripheral neuropathy
-constitutional symptoms such as fever, weight loss, and malaise
What are some other physical finds of Reiters?
sausage shaped digitis, oral ulcerations, circinate blanitis, Keratoderma blenorrhagia
In kids with one swollen digit, what does it equal?
a medical emergency
What are the 3 things required for the dx of Reiter’s?
urethritis or cervicitis
-at least ONE of the extra-articular features
What other lab values are elevated in Reiter’s?
ESR and WBC count and IgA levels
What anemia can be associated with Reiter’s?
normochromic anemia
What is the treatment for Reiter’s?
-doxy for Chlamydia
-cipro for salmonella, shigella, Yersinia, and Campylobacter
-NSIADS for arthritis
-Methotrexate, Sulfasalazine, or Azathioprine for refractory arthritis
Tell me about the course of Reiter’s
-symptoms last 1-2 weeks post sexual encounter or during foodborne infection
-can last several months
-95% resolve in 6 months
-1/2 will recur over next several years
-persistent arthritis development is rare