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The Executive Branch
Made up of the President, Cabinet, Federal agencies
carries out laws
creates budget
The Congress
Makes laws (Legislative)
Senate (100) & House of Reps (435)
Reps elected by district, 2yrs
Senators elected by state, 6ys
The Supreme Court
9 Justices, serve for life
Judicical Branch-interprets
appointed by prez, approved by senate
chief = John G. Roberts Jr.
Checks and balances
3 branches create a balance of power so no branch/person has too much power
USA Patriot Act
put into action by Bush admin
feds get more surveillance
infringe on civil liberties
"security threats" allow them
The Bill of Rights
1st ten amendments, protect civil/individual liberties
The Second Amendment
protects the right to own firearms. Included so militias can be formed, lot of controversy

Brady Law
93 Handgun control act
left to states
Roe v. Wade (1973)
Woman's right to choose
ruled-abortion is illegal
case is being brought back to the supreme court
Texas V. Johnson (1989)
Burning of An american flag
ruling-is legal under freedom of speech/expression
A system of governance where citizens rule directly or through elected officials
The expansion of a country ('s power) through colonies, wars
Free Market Economy
economies not controlled by gov't, but by supply and demand
laissez faire
creating democracies in developing countries or nations recovering from wars
1897-the movement to make a jew. homeland near palestine--the original home of the jews
Balfour Declaration
1917 agreement to establish Israel in Palestine for jews
made by British
1947-UN establishes Israel
Six Day War
1967- War: Israel vs. neighboring countries ( Jordon, Egypt, Syria)
Israel captures Sinai, Gaza, West Bank etc.
Israel attacks preemptively
Persian Gulf War
US want's Iraq's WMD, Hussein refuses inspectors, US puts $$ sanctions on Iraq
Palestine Liberation Organization
tries to destrct Israel, get back state
The "Road Map"
2002- Road Map To Peace created by EU, US, Russia & UN. aims for independent palestine and peaceful Israel
The Cold War
"war" in Europe, E. Europe and USSR vs. W. Europe (democratic) & US
The Iron Curtain
Europe divided into East and West--border is heavily guarded, called "Iron Curtain"-- No one could get through to either side
The Yalta Conference
FDR, Winston Churchill, and Stalin meet @ Yalta (1945) to dicuss Europe's Future
NATO/The Warsaw Pact
N. Atlantic Treaty Organization (1949)-military alliance between US & other W. Euro countreies. Warsaw Pact--counterpart (1955)
The EU and the EURO
Made w. Maastricht Traty, called for monetary unity. 1993--Euro is created, 1999-Euro is currency most of Europe
Plessy v Ferguson (1896)
Court rules in favor of segregation-- "Separate but Equal"
Brown v Board of Education (1954)
Ruled against segregation in schools-was not/could not be equal
ADA (1990)
American with Disabilities Act...protects ppl w. disabilites in employment & education. Provides money for services for disabled
Defense of Marriage Act (1996)
Allows a state to deny legal recognition of same-sex couples. Defines marriage (under fed. law) as between man and woman
Arms Race
Cold War- US and USSR gathered nuclear weapons to prevent the other from attacking- "Mutual Assured Destruction"
UN Nuclear Proliferation Treaty
1968-Grants all signatories access to nuc. tech. in the afreement they would use for peace. 188 countries sign by 2005
Part of counter-proliferation (preemptive attack. Preemption is now being seen as form of defense
Weapons of Mass Destruction--
includes bio and chem weapons
anthrax, smallpox, bubonic plague, ChemWConv bans chem weapons (1993), bio weapon conv bans bio wepaons (1972)
Nat'l Missile Defense
guards US of ballistic missiles
involves radars & interceptors
Inflation & Rate of Inflation
Increase of prices and services, may not be accompanied by increase in wages--lowers standard of living
Unemployment & Rate of Unemployment
When ppl who want to work cannot find jobs, gov't tries to lower unemployment(less taxes, more ss)
When the $$ declines due to high unemplyment & reduced production. Gov't fights w. fiscal policy & reduced interest
A group of 8 leading countries in industry/$$. Summit each year. G-8= Canada, France, Germany Italy, Japan, Russia, UK, US
Outsourcing (of jobs)
When companies hire workers from outside the country (cheap labor), and skilled. Bad for $$
Handgun Control Act (Brady Law) (1993)
Creates a mandatory 5-day waiting period before buying a handgun, and does background check
Causes of Crime
Prevention or punishment?
Causes= poverty, drug abuse, lack of employment, access to firearms
Way of preventing drugs form entering market. Happens through negotiations w. drug producing countries & surveillance on imports
Ferman v. Georgia (1972)
Ruled that anyone under the age of 15 being executed is "cruel and unusual punishment" not constitutional
OMB/Fiscal Year
OMB= Office of Management and Budget
Fiscal year=begins Oct 1, ends sept 30
OMB produces budget
Four Categories of Fed. Budget
-Nondefense discretionary
environment, edu, highways--budgetary programs
social security, medicare, "entitlements"
-interest on Nat'l budget
interest for money gov't owes
Budget Deficits/Deficit Spending
how much spending overrides deficit, causes treasury to borrow $$--drives up interest
The Nat'l Debt
$8 trillion
total sum of borrowed $$ from lending inst., foreign banks, US pop, itself
keeps growing
Department of Homeland Security
Bush created new cabinet dept-
merged 22 fed agencies dealing w. defense
-border control
-emergency response
-coast guard
War Powers Resolution
1973-Congress passes res. prez needs congress power to send trops to countries, places time limits on troop use w/o declaring war, congress has power to bring troops home
"Back Door" Draft
no draft currently, but the pentagon is requiring volunteers to do extra hours and extra work, national guard also asked to do mil. work=called "back door draft"
Kosovo, Haiti, Bosnia, Liberia, Afghanistan, Iraq
US troops are sent in after a conflict to maintain peace, "prevents breeding grounds for terrorists", troops help rebuild