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Condition in which a person has no sense of responsibility; shows disregard for truth; is insincere; and feels no sense of shame, guilt, or humiliation.
Means and method by which a crime is committed.
Modus operandi
Crime results when the same materialistic goals are held out to all members of society without giving them equal means to achieve them.
Strain theory
A subdivision within the dominant culture that has its own norms, beliefs, and values.
Deviance results when social controls are weakened or break down, so that individuals are not motivated to conform to them.
Social control
Explanation of deviance in terms of the way a person acquires a negative identity, such as "addict" or "ex-con," and is forced to suffer the consequences of outcast status.
Labeling theory
Model of crime in which the criminal justice system is seen as being used by the ruling class to control the lower class.
Conflict theory
Theory that crime is the result of a struggle for power and resources between owners of capital and workers.
Radical theory