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Four common elements of psychotherapy
Client-therapist relationship, a theory that explains the development of problem, a setting that is socially sanctioned place of healing, an intervention prescribed by theory
Psychic determinism
Everything we do has meaning and purpose and is goal directed
life instincts, bodily urges such as hunger, sex, thirst and creative components of art, music and literature.
death instincts, dark side of human behavior, compulsively self-destructive behavior
3 components of personality
id, ego and superego
deep, inacessible part of personality, desire for immediate gratification, no values, ethics or logic
Pleasure principle
primary process of thinking, example dreaming, trying to discharge tension as soon as tension reaches
executive part of personality, uses perception, learning and memory
Reality principle
secondary process, deferring gratification of instinctual urges.
develops from ego during childhood, arises from resolution of Oedipus complex, represents ideals and values of society