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Name activities of clinical psychologist
psychotherapy, assesment/diagnosis,teaching, clinical supervision, research/writing, consultation, administration
Scientitst -practitioner model
predominant model, , idea that clinical psychologists should integrate their roles of scientist and practitioner
Clinical science model
emphasizes empirically supported approaches to assesment, prevention and clinical intervention
American Psychological Society, formed in 1988, goals - advancing discipline of psychology, preserving its scientific base, promoting public understanding
Academy of Psychological Clinical Science
organization of clinical psychology programs and clinical psychology internship sites commited to clinical scientist model, affiliated with APS
American Board of Professional Psychology, offers certification of professional competence in many specialties, certification otained after 5 years of postdoctoral experience and granted on basis of oral examination, observed handling of case and records from past cases
combined professional scientific training program
training model that offers combined specialty in clinical, counseling and school psychology
restricted number of providers, fixed costs
contracts with outside providers, outside providers reimbursed at discounted prices