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Calcium Oxalate

Can be seen in acidic and alkaline urine
Name this crystal.
What is this?
Granular Casts
What is this?
1. Hyaline casts

2. Dehydration, glomerulonephritis & pyelonephritis
1.What is this?

2.Disease Conditions
Mucus (Thread like structures)
What is this?
1. Red blood cell casts.
2. Acute glomerulonephritis, bacterial endocarditis, and renal infarction.
3. Positive (+) RBCs
4. Pink to red, hazy to turbid.
1. Name this.
2. Disease conditions.
3. Reagent strip results.
4. Physical exam.
1. RBCs
2. Glomerulonephritis, trauma to kidney.
3. +blood
4. a.Intact RBC=reddish,hazy
b.Lyzed RBC=reddish,clear
1. Name these.
2. Disease conditions
3. Reagent strip results
4. Physical exam.
1.Renal Tubular cells
2.Necrosis or liver damage.
c.graft rejection
d.viral infection
1.What are these?
2.Disease conditions