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A women gives birth to a baby with kernicterus, what type was she taking during pregnancy?
Pt presents with a complicated UTI, what combo therapy can be given?
TMP-SMX--> sulfamethoxazole + trimethoprim
You want to give a pt the most selective drug that blocks the sysnthesis of folic acid. What drug do you give them?
A sulfonamide
You must give a pt a sulfa drug, but you know they have renal problems, the best drug to give them bc of its solubility properties is?
What is the main advantage of giving a TMP-SMX to an immunocompromised pt with a UTI over giving solely a sulfa drug ot trimethoprim alone?
You want to give immunocompromised pts bacteriocidal drugs, alone TMP or sulfonamides are bacteriostatic
What combo drug was created as a solution to sulfonamides main side effect of crystalluria?
Triple Sulfa
A pt has is HIV + and you want to give them prophylaxis for pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, you would give them?
Pt comes in w/ hemolytic anemia and they have G6PDH def, what drugs could they be on for treatment of UTI that would cause this prob?
Sulfonamide or nitrofurantoin
A pt on warfarin an anticoagulant presents for treatment of a UTI, you would have to change their warfarin dose if you gave them what drug?
A man presents to the ER with his skin slowly dissolving away after starting a new drug, what could this new drug be?
He is probably on a sulfonamide and he has Stevens Johnson Syndrome
Which quinolone is virtually exclusively used for UTIs
Nalidixic Acid bc rapidly excreted in Urine
Why was F added to quinolones?
It decreases bacterial ability to have drug resistance
If you are treating an immunocompromised pt for UTI, which drug would be better to give a sulfonamide or a quinolone
A quinolone like ciprofoxacin bc quinolones are bactericidal and sulfonamides are bateriastatic
If you wante dto give a quinolone for a cns infec, which would you give?
Why would you be concerned about giving ciprofloxacin to a pregnanct women?
A side effect is arthropathy and damages weight bearing bones and linked to cartilage damage in developing fetus and young children.