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What is the clinical unit of measurement for osmolarity?
milliosmoles(mOsm) per kg of water
What is the normal plasma in domestic animals?
300 mOsm/kg
What is the most abundant ion in the ECF?
What is the most abundant ion in the ICF
An estimated percentage dehydration of 5, 7, 10 will show what characteristics on the physical examination?
5- dry oral mm, no panting or tachycardia
7- mild to moderate decreased skin tugor, dry oral mm, slight tachycardia, normal pulse character
10- moder. to marked degree decrease skin tugor, dry oral mm, tachycardia, decreased pulse pressure
When does the skin on the animal (lateral thorax) remain tented for more than 5-10secs?
when the animal is 12% dehydrated
What is the formula for the estimation of required fluid volume replacement?
body weight (kg) times estimated % dehydration= total fluid required in liters