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Two major groups of rickettsial diseases
1. typhus group

2. spotted fever group
Type of Organism that causes rickettsial diseases
gram negative obligate intracellular organism
Where do rickettsial disease organisms grow in humans?
in endothelial cells of small vessels
What reaction do rickettsial disease organisms cause in humans?
What are symptoms and signs of rickettsial vasculitis?
rash, organ dysfunction, fever, myalgias
What 4 antibody tests are used to diagnose rickettsial disease?
1. Complement fixation
2. Immunofluorescence
3. Hemmagglutination
4. PCR (polymerase chain reaction)
What is the treatment for rickettsial diseases?

- Tetracyclines
- Chloramphenicol
What are 3 rickettsial diseases in the Spotted Fever group?
1. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
2. Rickettsialpox
3. Tick Typhus
scientific name for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Rickettsia rickettsii
What type of ticks transmit Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and what is their genus?
Wood and dog ticks.

Genus Dermacentor
What are symptoms and signs of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever?
- Flu-like syndrome
- irritability
- rash on wrists and feet spreading centrally*
- conjunctiva
- flushing
- possible death
What is the vector for Rickettsialpox?
What does the primary lesion of Rickettsialpox form?
black eschar (an ulcer covered with a black adherent crust, a characteristic local reaction occurring at the presumed site of the infective bite in certain tick-borne rickettsioses)
What type of rash comes from rickettsialpox?
papular rash that becomes vesicular
What is the genus of the Gram negative obligate intracellular organisms that causes Erlichiosis?
Ehrlicha genus
What 2 types of ticks transmit Erlichiosis?
- Lone star tick
- Ixodes tick
What carries Q Fever?
What does Q Fever cause in humans?
pneumonitis, hepatitis, and encephalopathy
What organism causes Lyme disease?
the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi
What tick genus is the vector for lyme disease?