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Stored form of iron
Ferritin and hemosiderin
Dec'd FE saturation
Inc'd transferrin synthesis
Inc'd TIBC
Dec'd Ferritin
Microcytic anemia
FE def. Anemia
Most common cause of FE def. anemia? Children?
Blood loss
Sns of FE def. Anemia
Lab results of FE def. anemia
inc'd RDW
retic response
Tx for FE def. anemia?
Feosol(FE supplement)
Atrophy of gastric mucosa = dec'd intrinsic factor=dec'd absorption of B12 = immature RBCs,megaloblastic
Vit. B12 deficiency
Risks for Vit B12 deficiency
old age,vegan diet, alcoholism
Lab results for pernicious anemia?
hypersegmented neutrophils, HOWELL JOLLY bodies(DNA reminant)
Shilling test
Abnormal alpha or beta subunits of hemoglobin
Substituion of valine for glutamate
sickle cell
Deficiency or absence of subunit,mediteranean ancestry
Autosomal recessive
Inflexible,rigid cells
Mechanical obstruction, painful swelling,priapism
Sickle Cell
Lab reveals sickle cells
Sickle dex
Hemoglobin electrophoresis(gold standard)
Sickel Cell
Gene deletion
Gene mutation
alpha thalassemia
beta thalassemia
Alpha thal major -->
Beta thal major -->
LAb for Thalassemia
RDW to dif. dx from IDA
Hemoglobin electrophoresis
DEc'd in all cell lines due to damage of hematopoietic stem cells
Caused by toxic exposure
aplastic anemia
Labs for aplastic anemia
bone marrow biopsy
Fe overload due to inc'd FE absorption in gut, >20 g
Hepatoma risk
Lab for hemochromatosis
Ferritin inc'd >300 males, >120 females
Tx for hemochromatosis
"Pruritis after bathing" h/a,tinnitus
Inc'd CFU, inc'd viscosity, dec'd cerebral flow
Polycythemia Vera
Seen it pts with underlying disease condition
Inc'd production of lactoferrin
Anemia of chronic disease
Tx for anemia of chronic disease
Treat underlying condition, no supplements
RBC cannot deal with oxidative changes, hemoglobin accumlates in RBC
G6PD deficiency
Labs for G6PD deficiency
HEinz bodies
Helmet cells
Autoimmune hemolysis (2)
anti-RBC IgG (warm reacting)
IgM (cold reacting)
both causing hemolysis
Defect in RBC that get destroyed by spleen
Hereditary Spherocytosis
a. nuclei bigger ratio to cytoplasm
b.mature cell in smear
a. acute
b. chronic
Lab for Leukemia
Bone marrow aspirations containing spicules
T or B cell, 80% childhood
bone marrow taken over by lymphocytic cells
Acute LYmphocytic Leukemia
Tx for ALL
chemo, BM transplant
Common in adults, Auer rods in lab
Acute myelogenous leukemia
Mature myeloid cells, PHiladelphia chromosome
Chronic myelogenous leukemia
Lab for CML
Southern blot tests
Similiar to CML but presents with inc'd LAP
Leukemoid rxn
Disorder of mature B cells, autoimmunity to RBCs
Lab shows Smudge Cells
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
B cells have fine hairlike projections
Lab show hair cells,red pulp
Hairy cell Leukemia
Macrophage cancer, bimodal
Lab shows: Reed Sternberg cells
Hodgkins lymphoma
Lymphocyte cancer, poor prognosis
Lab:Lymphnode bx
Non-hodgkins lymphoma
Similiear to NHL, affects B cells, associated with chromosome 8-14 translocation
Burkitts Lymphoma
Plasma and monoclonal neoplastic proliferation
IgG spikes
Bence Jones proteins in urine
Inc'd serum calcium
Multiple Myeloma
Inc'd IgM, spike
Rouleaux formation in RBC
Waldenstroms Macroglobulinemia
NEoplastic CD4 T cells
Infiltrates dermis and epidermis
Skin bx
Mycosis Fungoides