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A(n) _____ uses devices that emit and sense light to detect the mouse's movement.
optical mouse
The _____ processor(s) is/are ideal for workstations and low-end servers.
Xeon and Itanium
A _____ looks similar to a floppy disk but has much greater storage capabilities—up to the equivalent of 170 standard floppy disks.
Zip disk
A person on a budget who wants a device with PDA-capabilities and the ability to send and receive e-mail would be best advised to purchase a(n) __________.
Smart Phone
Groupware is a component of a broad concept called _____, which includes network hardware and software that enables group members to communicate, manage projects, schedule meetings, and make decisions.
workgroup computing
Each computer or device on a local area network, called a _____, often shares resources such as printers, large hard disks, and programs.
The technique of breaking a message into individual packets, sending the packets along the best route available, and then reassembling the data is called _____.
Acrobat Reader enables users to __________.
see documents formatted as they would look in print
Of the graphics formats that exist on the Web, the two more common are _____ formats because of their smaller file sizes.
A _____ is equal to exactly 1,024 bytes, but computer users often round it down to 1,000 bytes to simplify memory and storage definitions.
kilobyte (KB or K)
_____ is the most widely used coding scheme used to represent data.
American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII)
A _____ is the smallest element in an electronic image.
A _____ is a network that connects computers and devices in a limited geographical area, such as a home, school computer laboratory, or office building.
local area network (LAN)
A ring network _____ to install.
can span a larger distance than a bus network, but it is more difficult
One study reported that mainframe computers process more than 83 percent of transactions around the world. Mainframes can perform all of the following functions except __________.
allow users to listen to music, watch movies, and play games
An important difference between a client/server network and mainframe architecture is that a client/server network __________.
typically connects a relatively limited number of computers
A _____ is any computer that directly connects to a network.
A program that stores and distributes newsgroup messages is called a _____.
A(n) _____ is an interpreted program that runs on the server.
A ____ network is an Internet network, on which users connect directly to each other's hard disks and exchange files directly.
During a cold boot on a personal computer, the POST (power-on self-test) results are compared with data in a _____ chip.
_____ is designed for workstations that use an Itanium 2 processor.
Windows XP 64-Bit Edition
Examples of network operating systems include all of the following except _____.
Windows XP
A(n) _____, also called program logic, is a graphical or written description of the step-by-step procedures to solve the problem.
solution algorithm
Web page authoring software includes all of the following except ____.
One purpose of using test data is to try to cause a _____, which is an error that occurs while a program is executing.
run-time error
With a procedural language, often called a _____, a programmer uses a series of English-like words to write instructions.
third-generation language (3GL)
Widely used procedural programming languages that the industry recognizes as standards include all of the following except _____.
_____ is a set of technologies by Sun Microsystems that allows programmers to develop and deploy Web services for an enterprise.
J2EE (Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition)
Large-scale applications sometimes refer to a graphics tablet as a _____.
The primary input device for a _____ is a digital pen, which allows users to write on the device's screen.
Tablet PC
A _____ is an icon on the desktop that provides a user with immediate access to a program or file.
_____ is copyrighted software provided for an unlimited time at no cost to a user.
A ____ is a window on a screen that provides areas for entering or changing data in a database.
Unlike Vista, Linux ____________.
is open source software
_____ is a common data type in a database that consists of lengthy text entries.
A _____ is the smallest unit of data a computer can process.
A(n) _____ tests the data in two or more associated fields to ensure that the relationship is logical.
consistency check
A program determines the _____ by applying a formula to the numbers in the primary key.
check digit
A DBMS uses the _____ to perform validation checks.
data dictionary
Most _____ database products for midrange servers and mainframes include SQL.
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) uses ____ to specify how a document should be formatted.
Hypermedia is made up of a ____ combination of text, audio, video, and graphical components that are linked electronically.
A(n) _____ is similar to an electronic filing cabinet that provides access to exact reproductions of the original documents.
image processing system
____ devices read hand-drawn marks such as small circles or rectangles.
Optical mark recognition (OMR)
Someone who uses the Internet or a network to destroy or damage computers for political reasons is a ___________.
A Trojan horse, one of the most serious threats to computer security, is a(n) __________.
harmful program that hides within or looks like a legitimate program
In computer language, a zombie is a(n) __________.
compromised computer
_____ consists of running the old system alongside the new system for a specified time.
Parallel conversion
With ____ processing, the computer collects data over time and processes all transactions later, as a group.
With ____, the computer processes each transaction as it is entered.
A(n) ___ system is a special kind of order-processing system that records purchases, processes credit or debit cards, and updates inventory.
A bar code scanner uses ____ to read the bar code on a product.
laser beams
An information system must share information, or have _____, with other information systems within an enterprise.
A _____ is a malicious-logic program that hides within or looks like a legitimate program and usually is triggered by a certain condition or action.
Trojan horse
A _____ is a separate area of a hard disk that holds an infected file until the infection can be removed.
_____, which allows users to choose an encryption scheme that passes between a client and a server, requires that both the client and server have digital certificates.
Secure HTTP (S-HTTP)
Job titles in the management area of an IT department include all of the following except _____.
desktop publisher
The _____ directs a company's information service and communications functions.
vice president of IT/chief information officer (CIO)
_____ is a job title in the end-user computing area of an IT department.
Help Desk specialist
_____ is an operating systems certification that tests basic knowledge of setting up and managing a Linux operating system.
Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT)
A company wishes to set up a collaborative Web site where the general public as well as employees can create, add, modify, or delete content via their Web browser. The company would be best advised to set up a(n) ___________.
With a _______, the vendor selects the product(s) that meets specified requirements and then quotes the prices.
request for proposal (RFP)
During _____, a systems analyst identifies the processing requirements for each program in the system.
program design
An acceptance test _____.
is performed by end-users and verifies that the new system works with actual data
An ERM system _____.
facilitates communication between human resources personnel and employees
_____ software helps salespeople manage customer contacts, schedule customer meetings, log customer interactions, manage product information, and take orders from customers.
A(n) _____ consolidates data, usually with tools, tables, or graphs.
summary report
A CMS _____.
includes information about the files and data, called metadata
____ are often integrated with transaction processing systems to generate accurate and timely reports for analysis.
A(n) _____ usually lists just transactions.
detailed report
Which of the following is not true of a data warehouse?
It only contains transaction information and does not include summarizations of data in the warehouse.
__________ is known as a company that has established a business-to-consumer form of e-commerce.
A company that wishes to protect its documents from changes by users should use the ___________ format.
When using spreadsheet software, a function is a _________.
predefined formula that performs a common calculation
In a database, each row, called a _____, contains data about a given person, product, object, or event.
All of the following are true of presentation graphics software except __________.
the program does not include a spell check or the ability to convert an existing slide show into a format to post on the Internet
_____ typically consists of self-directed, self-paced instruction on a topic.
An enterprise ASP _____.
customizes and delivers high-end business applications
Businesses are the primary users of _____ because this technology provides a means for departments to communicate with each other, suppliers, vendors, and clients.
Web services
Businesses are the primary users of _____ because this technology provides a means for departments to communicate with each other, suppliers, vendors, and clients.
Web services
A voice mailbox is a(n) _____ in a voice mail system.
storage location on a hard disk
Sharing resources on a network _____.
saves time and money
With _____ software, a mobile user can create and deliver a presentation to a large audience by connecting a mobile computer or device to a video projector that displays the presentation on a full screen.
presentation graphics
To send an e-mail message via Outlook, ______ represents the correct order in which to perform the following steps.

1. Click the Send button to send the message.
2. Start an e-mail program and point to the New Mail Message button.
3. Enter the recipient’s e-mail address, the subject, and the message.
4. Click the New Mail Message button to display the Message window.
2, 4, 3, 1
____ is a work arrangement in which employees work away from a company's standard workplace and often communicate with the office through the computer.
Many companies distribute documentation and reports in ____, which allows files to be easily downloaded and viewed on a variety of platforms using Adobe Acrobat Reader software.
A common netiquette rule is to avoid ____, which is the equivalent of shouting.
all capital letters
To most efficiently notify a wide variety of customers about an upcoming sale, a merchant would _________.
set up and use a mailing list
An organization can use e-mail to do all of the following except _________.
create a slideshow presentation
Most e-commerce actually takes place between businesses, which is called _____.
business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce
The entire collection of Internet newsgroups is called _____, which contains thousands of newsgroups on a multitude of topics.
The marketing department of a corporation might set up a vlog because they _________.
want a blog that also contains video clips
A blog differs from a wiki because _________.
wikis can be modified by subsequent users
Some Web sites use ___ on their pages because graphics can be time-consuming to display.
A ____ is the text version of an IP address.
domain name
In a recent report, the United States government attributed _____ of the country's economic growth to digital technologies, resulting in tremendous increases in productivity.
one third
People can help safeguard their personal information on the Internet in all of the following ways except by __________.
replying to spam to take their names off mailing lists
Fair use of material on the Internet, an aspect of intellectual property rights, allows people to use information from the Internet __________.
for educational and critical purposes only
Software piracy continues for all of the following reasons except that_____.
software piracy drives down the price of software for all users
____ is the inflammation of the nerve that connects the forearm to the palm of the wrist.