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una pizarra
a board
f./something you write on
un borrador
an eraser
m./something you clean with
un papel
a paper
m./something you write on
un lápiz
a pencil
m./something you write with
un bolígrafo
a pen
m./something you write with
una bandera
a flag
f./something you salute to
una ventana
a window
f./something clear
un libro
a book
m./something you study with
una silla
a chair
un mapa
a map
m./navigate with this
una papelería
a wastebasket
f./you put 'papel' in this
un reloj
a watch
m./gives you timely information
una clase
a class
f./something you go to
un cuaderno
a notebook/workbook
m./something you write in
un cuadro
a painting
¿Qué es esto?
What is this?
a question
Es un/una…
It's a...
an answer
¿Qué tienes?
What do you have?
a question
Tengo un/una…
I have a...
an answer
una goma
a (pencil) eraser
f./goes with a pencil
un escritorio
a desk
una tiza
a (piece of) chalk
f./something you write with
un estante
a bookshelf
m./store items here