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What are the three phyla of fungi?
Zygomycota, Basidiomycota, and Ascomycota
Name two defining characteristics of Zygomycota
1. Coenocytic hyphae
2. Reproduce by conjugation
Why are Basidiomycota often called club fungi?
During sexual reproduction, they produce small, clublike reproductive structures called basidia (mushrooms)
What are the distinguishing traits of Ascomycota?
They live parasitically and in habitats like salt and fresh water. They contain saclike compartments where sexually produced spores form.
Symbiotic structure formed by a fungus and plant roots.

the fungus absorbs and concentrates ions for delivery to the plant, and in turn receives sugars made after photosynthesis
represent symbiotic relationships between a fungus and photosynthetic partner

*most fungi in lichens are ascomycetes*