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What are the 6 classifications of Massage Movements?
Gliding or Effleurage movements
Kneading movements
Percussion movements
Joint movements
What are the forms of Touch?
What are the forms of Gliding or Effleurage?
Aura stroking
What are the forms of Kneading?
Kneading or petrissage
Skin rolling
What are the forms of Friction?
Circular friction
Transvers or cross-fiber friction
What are the forms of Percussion Movements?
What are the forms of Joint Movements?
Passive joint movement
Active joint movement
Active assistive movements
Active resistive movements
What is meant by "touching"?
stationary contact of the practitioner's hand and the client's body
What is "gliding"?
Gliding the hand or forearm over some portion of the client's body with varying amounts of pressure.
What is "kneading"?
Lifts, squeezes, and presses to the tissues
What is "friction"?
refers to massage strokes in which one layer of tissue is moved over or against the other
What is "vibration"?
continuous trembling or shaking movement delivered by the practitioner's hand or an electrical apparatus
What is "percussion"?
rapid stoking motion against the skin's surface using varying amounts of force and hand positions
What is "joint movement"?
passive or active movement of the joints or articulations
What is "feather stroking"?
very light pressure of the fingertips or hands with long flowing strokes
What is "effleurage"?
succession of strokes applied by gliding the hand over an extended portion of the body
What is "superficial gliding"?
the practitioner's hand conforms to the client's body contours so light pressure is applied to the body from every part of the hand
What is "deep gliding"?
indicates the manipulation uses enough pressure to have a mechanical effect
What is "circular friction"?
movements in which the fingers or palm of the hand move the superficial tissue in a circular pattern over the deeper tissues
What is "cross-fiber friction"?
applied in a transverse direction across the muscle, tendon, or ligament
What is "kneading or petrissage"?
skin and muscular tissues are raised from their ordinary position and then squeezed, rolled, or kneaded with firm pressure (usually in a circular direction)
What is "fulling"?
gently lifting and spreading out tissue
What is "skin rolling"?
the skin and subcutaneous tissue are picked up between the thumb and fingers and rolled
What is "compression"?
rhythmic pressing movements directed into muscle tissue by either the hand or fingers
What is "rolling"?
rapid back and forth movement with the hands -- flesh is shaken and rolled around the axis of the body part
What is "chucking"?
the flesh is grasped firmly in one or both hands and moved up and down along the bone
What is "aura stroking"?
long, smooth hand strokes over the body close to but not touching the body -- effecting the energy field
What is "wringing"?
back and forth movement - both hands place a short distance apart on either side of the limg and working in opposing directions
What is "shaking"?
gently shaking a relaxed body part so the flesh flops around the bone -- allows for release of tension
What is "jostling"?
grasping the entire muscle, lifting it slightly away from its position, and shaking it quickly across its axis
What is "rocking"?
a push and release movement applied to the body in either a side to side or up and down directions
What is "tapping or tapotement"?
lightest, most superficial of percussion techniques --
What are the tapotement movements?
tapping, slapping, hacking, cupping, beating
What is "slapping"?
rhythmical glancing contact with the body
What is "cupping"?
used by respiratory therapists to help break up lung congestion -- hands held in a cup-like fashion
What is "hacking"?
rapid striking movements done with one or both hands -- made with the little finger on the ulnar side of the hand
What is "beating"?
heaviest and deepest form of percussion -- done over denser areas of body -- hands held in loose fist and contact is made with the ulnar aspect of both hands
What are "passive joint movements"?
stretch the fibrous tissue and move the joint through it range of motion -- client is relaxes with practitioner performing movements
What are "active joint movements"?
movements in which the client actively participates by contracting the muscles involved in the movement
What is "active range of motion"?
client moves joint or limb without any intervention from practitioner
What is "end feel"?
change in the quality of feeling as the end of movment is achieved
What is "hard end feel"?
a bone against bone feeling
What is "soft end feel"?
cusioned limitation where soft tissue prevents further movement (such as knee flexion)
What is "empty end feel"?
an abrupt restriction to a joint movement due to pain