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What is classic?
is done at high level and have long lasting significance
Elizabethan period
1600- Shakespeare high point in western civilization
Greco -Roman Period is from
500 BCE to 300 CE
1st the greeks in 500 BCE
2nd the romans in 100 CE
3rt jesus was born 300CE fall of the roman empire(500BCE-300CE)
Classical Music from 1600-1900
The Austrian Empire)
Handel, Bach mozart banhoven
WOrld exploration from 1300-1520- Question? Travel to India bringing back spices
what year?
Marko Polo in 1300
Who opened up the Reinassance to Europe?
Christopher Columbus-1500
Year discover oil paints,art becomes very realistic
Classical art, dance, music, theather based on forms----
Establishes structures, limits and rules within which the artist composer, choreographer makes original compositions
Classical Greece architecture
is rational based on balanced equations, relationship of parts
Classical Greek
ideal proportions
1618 and 0.618
Basis of perfect proportions
used by greek and renaissance artist and architects, classical musicians
Other Classical forms is
Fibonacci numbers 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21. Ancient greek idea
What is the classical dance?
turn out and pointe
5 foot positions
5 foot de brass (carriage of arms)
Name a few classical music forms? Sonata....
Sonatina, Canon, Fugue, rhondo, concerto
Classical versus....
Classical versus Romantic
Head name them (6)
Rational, universal, Theotrical, structured, balance, sense
Classical versus Romantic
Heart name them
Emotional, personal, spiritual, spontaneous, dynamic sensibility.
Name 3 of art, literature and other references of classical forms Elizabethan Theater hint movie version di caprio
Romeo and juliet
West side story
Rome and jewels
Classical art is still
unavoidable, classics are eternal.
Classical =
Forms and structure
Periods valving rational thinking produce and discover
is called
Classical forms
Formal and formula are
Formulaic art is
d. o. a
What is iambic pentameter?
THe most common form of poeic meter(used in the poetry of greek archilochus
Iams are two opposite emphasis is called
DUM and are arranged in strings of five
THink Classical as being
no matter is context
think form
structure, simplicity, measure , proportion, rational thinking, and restrained emotion