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How are vultures appropriate for the scene between Athena and Apollo by the oak tree?
Because there would naturally be vultures around a battlefield
What do the golden scales of Zeus represent?
What two heroes have there camps at opposite ends of the Greek encampment? Why?
Achilles and Ajax. To protect the Greek’s flanks because they are the best fighters
Why would Achilles want the gifts that Agamemnon offers him?
Because it would give him glory.
Where do Achilles and Patroklos sleep?
In opposite corners of their camp, each with a woman
How does the modern term lesbian come from the Greek word Lesbian (from Lesbos)?
There was a great poet who lived on the island of Lesbos named Sappho. She was the head mistress of a girls school. All her poems were about love.
Why did Nestor choose the 3 ambassadors to try to persuade Achilles?
Ajax was a good fighter, Odysseus was the smartest, and Phoinix was like family.
Why wasn’t Phoinix on strike with Achilles?
He probably had his own troops
What is the MOST important reason Achilles says he can’t fight?
Because he can’t get proper respect under Agamemnon
How was the Milky Way formed?
When Herakles was born, Athena took him up to Mt. Olympus and asked Hera to nurse him. Hera took him and Achilles bit her and spat the milk everywhere.
How did Hera try to kill Herakles?
She sent to giant snakes into his bed but he strangled them both
Why did Herakles have to perform the 12 labors for Eurytheus?
Herakles had 6 children, one day there were having a feast and Hera made him go insand and kill his wife and 6 kids, then she made him realize what he had done. The Oracle of Delphi told him that to make up for what he did he would have to perform 12 labors for Eurytheus.
Why is it suggested that Book 10 of the Iliad might have been a separate epic poem?
Because it was a different writing style than Homer, it had nothing to do with the plot of the Iliad, and it mention lots of animal skins which wasn’t done by Homer
Who are the 3 heroes in Book 11 that get wounded and how?
Odysseus gets his ribs scraped by a spear
Diomedes gets shot through the foot by Paris
Agamemnon gets his forearm stabbed by a spear
Explain how Apollo, Poseidon, and Zeus will destroy the Greek wall?
Apollo will merge the rivers
Poseidon will bring waves
Zeus will make it rain heavily
According to Homer, where is the most painful place to receive a wound?
Between the bellybutton and the genitals
The original Greek Iliad begins with what 3 words?
Sing Anger Goddess
What is the significance of those 3 words?
Anger is significant because they are fighting a war, the Iliad only covers 51 days of the war.  And the anger between Aichilles and Agamemnon.
Sing is significant because ancient poetry was sung, it was preformed by professional muscians called BARDS.
Goddess is significant because the Muse of Epic Poetry is the goddess, her name is Calliope
What is the name of the Muse of Epic Poetry
Why does Aichilles not kill Agamemnon in their quarrle?
Athena tells him not to, he might be assasignated, he might loose respect of the men, Hera doesn't want him to, Agamemnon was appointed by Zeus, it might cause anarchy in the army, they'd be loosing a great warrior
When did the Trojan War take place?
1250 B.C. (approximatly)
When was the Iliad composed?
750 B.C. (approximatly)
What does smintheus mean?
Smintheus mean mouse king or rat king
What does Aichilles look like?
He had long blonde hair he was big and had a hairy chest
What effect does his (Achilles) blonde hair have on the other men?
Most men had dark hair, this makes Aichilles special
Why does Agamemnon hate Kalchas?
The Greeks couldn't set sail because Kalchas said they would never be able to unless they sacrificed Agamemnon's oldest daughter whos name was Iphigeneia
How was Agamemnon's speech to his men Ironic?
He tells his men to go home and he thinks that will rally them up but it doesn't
He is lying to his men
He tells them that Zeus has decieved him not knowing that Zeus really has decieved him
Describe what Thersites looks like
He had a head like an onion with a little hair at the top
He was bow-legged
He was lame in one foot
And he had a hunch back
Who does Thersites represent
A commoner
What does he do in Book 2 and what happens to Thersites?
He insults Agamemnon and Odysseus beats him
What are 2 of the 5 similies that Homer describes the Greeks leaving their camp as?
They looked like a fire burning a forest and they looked like leaves and flowers
Why does Aphrodite save Paris in his duel with Hektor?
Paris gave her the golden apple
What is the physical appearance of Helen according to Homer?
White armed, long dressed, queen among women
What is the conflict in Helen’s heart?
She feels like a slut and that the war is all her fault
What is the dye from the purple robes from?
From an inside of a shell called a murex, found in Lebanon
What reference to metal in Book 4 indicates that the Iliad was composed in a later time than the events in it take place?
The arrow that Pandarus used to shoot Menelaus was made of iron
Why do men tell their ancestery?
It made them proud and they wanted to be remembered
How do the stories of Bellerphon and Dionyses represent guest-friendships?
The king of Tyrns couldn’t kill Bellerpohon because they were guest friends
The king of Lycia couldn’t kill Bellerophon because they were also guest friends
King Lykourgos had to take Dionyses as a guest-friend because he was a god
Where is the first reference to reading and writing in the Iliad?
When the King of Tyrns had to give the wooden and wax tablets to Bellerophon so he could then give them to the King of Lycia
In what 3 ways does Homer describe Agamemnon when he is leaving from the camp
He had a chest like Poseidon, a head like Zeus, and a waist like Ares
What is the Catalogue of Ships and what does it tell about?
It is 400 verses long and more than 1/3 of Book 2, it is a list of all the Greek kingdoms who fought in the war.

-Tells the names of the leaders
-Tells how many ships each kingdom had
-Tells how many warriors in each ship
-Tells the names of all major cities and towns from each kingdom
When Helen is walking up to the tower what 3 things do the elders say about her?
-They wish that she would just go home to end the war.
-She is so beautiful
-No wonder a war is being fought over her
Contrast Hektor’s household and Paris at the end of Book 6.
Hektor’s household was in mourning
Paris was all light and happy
What is the most famous scene in all literature?
When Hektor tries to take his son into his hands but he is scared because he has his horse haired helmet on, so he takes it off and holds his son
How long is Hektor’s spear?
18-20 feet long
What are the similarities of the scene between Achilles and Thetis and Christianity?
-hands in front of body
-Thetis is an intermediary
-Achilles is praying to a divinity
-she made him tell her what was wrong even though she already knew
-makes Achilles feel better
-Achilles is asking for a miracle