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Crigler-Najjar syndrome
congenital unconjucated hyperbilirubinemia
Curling's ulcer
acute gastric ulcer associated w/CNS injury
Current-jelly sputum
depigmentation of neurons in substantia nigra
Parkinson's Dz.(basal ganglia disorder -- rigidity, resting tremor, bradykinsesia)
Diabetes insipidus + exophthalmos + skull lesions
Hand-Schuller-Christian Dz.
Dog or cat bite
Pasteurella multocida
Donovan Bodies
Granuloma inguinale
Dressler's Syndrome
post-MI fibrinous pericarditis
Dubin-Johnson Syndrome
congenital CONJUGATED hyperbilirubinemoa

(black liver)
Duchenne's muscular dystrophy
DELETED dytrophin gene

(X-linked recessive)
osteoarthritis (polished, ivory-like appearance of bone)
Edward's syndrome
Trisomy 18

rocker-bottom feet, low-set ears, heart dz.
Eisenmenger's complex
late cyanosis shunt

(uncorrected L --> R shunt becomes
R --> L shunt)
elastic skin
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
Erb-Duchenne palsy

(waiter's tip)
superior trunk brachial plexus injur
erythema chronicum migrans
Lyme disease
"Fat, female, forty, and fertile"
acute cholecystitis
Fatty liver
Gardner's syndrome
colon polyps with osteomas and soft tissue tumors
Gaucher's Disease
Glucocerebrosidase deficiency
Ghon focus
Primary TB
Gilbert's syndrome
BENIGN UNconjugeted hyperbilirubinemia
Goodpasture's syndrome
autoantibodies against alveolar & glomerular BM proteins
sickle cell anemia
elevated hCG
1. choriocarcinoma

2. hyadatidiform mole
Herberden's nodes
(DIP swelling secondary to osteophytes)
Heinz bodies
G-6-PD deficiency
Henoch-Schonlein purpura
hypersensitivity vasculitis a/w hemorrhagic urticaria & URIs
Thalassemia major
1. Reiter's syndrome

2. ankylosing spondylitis
HLA-DR3 or -DR4
DM type 1 (autoimmune destruction of beta cells)
Homer Wright rosettes
Honeycomb lung

Interstistial fibrosis
Horner's syndrome
ptosis, miosis, & anhidrosis
Huntington's Disease
caudate degeneration

skin hyperpigmentation
Primary adrenal insufficiency (Addison's dz.)
Hypersegmented neurtophils
Macrocytic anemia
Hypertention + hypokalemia
Conn's syndrome
Hyperchromic microcytosis
1. Iron deficiency anemia

2. Lead poisoning
Increased Uric acid levels
1. Gout

2. Lesch-Nyhan syndrome

3. Myeloproliferative disorders

4. Loop & Thiazide diuretics
Janeway lesions
Job's syndrome
neutrophil chemotaxis abnormality
Kartagener's syndrome
dynein defect
Kayser-Fleischer rings
Wilson's disease
Keratin Pearls
squamous cell carcinoma
Kimmelstiel-Wilson nodules
Diabetic nephropathy
Koplik spots
Krukenberg tumor
gastric adenocarcinoma w/ovarian metastases
Lens dislocation + aortic dissection + joint hyperflexibility
Marfan's syndrome
(fibrillin deficit)
Lesch-Nyhan syndrome
HGPRT deficiency
Lewy bodies
Parkinson's disease
Libman-Sacks disease
endocarditis a/w SLE
Lines of Zahn
arterial thrombus
Lisch nodules
Low serum ceruloplasmin
Wilson's disease
Lucid interval
EPIDURAL hematoma
"Lumpy Bumpy" glomeruli
poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis
McArdle's disease
muscle phosphorylase deficiency
Pulmonary necrotizing vasculitis & necrotizing glomerulonephritis
Wegener's & Goodpasture's (hemoptysis and glomerylar disease)
Needle-shaped, negatively bifringent crystals
Negri bodies
Nephritis + cataracts + hearing loss
Alport's syndrome
Neurofibrillary tangles
Alzheimer's disease
Niemann-Pick disease
sphingomyelinase deficiency
No postpartum lactation
Sheehan's syndrome (pituitary infarction)
Nutmeg liver
Congestive heart failure
occupational Asbestos exposure
malignant mesothelioma
"Orphan Annie" nuclei
papillary carcinoma of thyroid
Osler's nodes
Owl's eye
painless jaundice
cancer of head of pancreas
Pancoast's tumor
brochogenic apical tumor a/w Horner's syndrome
Rheumatoid arthritis
Parkinson's disease
Nigrostriatal dopamine depletion
Periosteal elevation
Pyogenic osteomyelitis
Peutz-Jeghers syndrome
Benign polyposis
Philadelphia Chromosome

CML (sometimes a/w AML)
Pick's disease
progressive dementia
"Pink puffer"

(centroacinar = smoking; panacinar = alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency)
Plummer-Vinson syndrome
Esophageal webs with iron deficiency anemia
Gout (MP joint of hallux)
Podocyte fusion
Minimal change disease
Ployneuropathy, cardiopathology, and edema
Dry beriberi (thiamine, vit. B1 deficiency)
Polyneuropathy preceeded by GI or respiratory infection
Guillain-Barre syndrome
Pompe's disease
Lysosomal glucosidase deficiency a/w cardiomegaly
Port wine stain
Positive ANTERIOR drawer sign
ACL injury
Tumor cell Pseudopalisades
Glioblastoma multiforme
Ewing's sarcoma
Rash on palms & soles
1. Secondary syphilis

RBC Casts
Acute glomerulonephritis
Recurrent pulmonary Pseudomonas and Staph arueus infections
Cystic Fibrosis
Reinke crystals
Leydig cell tumor
Reiter's syndrome
Urethritis, conjunctivitis, arthritis
Rhomboid crystals, positively bifringent
Roth's spots in retina
Rib notching
Coarctation of aorta
Rotor's syndrome
Congenital CONJUGATED hyperbilirubinemia
1. Left to Right shunt (VSD, PDA, ASD)

2. Mitral Regurgitation

3. LV Failure (CHF)
1. Aortic stenosis

2. Hypertrophic subaortic stenosis
Sheehan's syndrome
postpartum pituitary necrosis
Signet-ring cells
Gastric carcinoma
Sjogren's syndrome
dry eyes, dry mouth, arthritis
Skip lesions
Crohn's dz.
Slapped Cheeks
Erythema infectiosum (5th dz.)
Smith antigen
Soap Bubble
Giant cell tumor of bone
Spike & Dome
Membranous glomerulonephritis
Spitz Nevus
Benign juvenile melanoma
"Strawberry tongue"
Scarlet fever
String sign
Crohn's dz.
Subepithelial Humps
Poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis
Swollen gums, bruising, poor wound healing, anemia
Scurvy (ascorbic acid, vit. C deficiency)

-- vit. C necessary for hydroxylation of proline & lysine residues in collagen synthesis
Systolic ejection murmur
Aortic valve stenosis
Burkitt's lymphoma (c-myc activation)
Philadelphia chromasome

CML (brc-abl hybrid)
Follicular lymphomas (blc-2 activation)
Thyroidization of kidney
Chronic bacterial pyelonephritis
Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis
Virchow's Triad
Blood stasis, endothelial damage, hypercoagulation
Wallenberg's syndrome
PICA thrombosis
Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome
Adrenal hemorrhage a/w meningococcemia
Waxy casts
Chronic end-stage renal dz.
WBC casts
acute pyelonephritis
WBC casts
acute pyelonephritis
WBC casts
acute pyelonephritis
WBCs in Urine
Acute cystitis
Whipple's disease
Malabsorption syndrome caused by Tropheryma whippelii
Wilson's disease
Hepatolenticular degeneration
"Wire Loop"
Lupus nephropathy
"Worst headache"
Berry aneurysm -- a/w Adult polycystic kidney dz.
Xanthochromia (CSF)
Subarachnoid hemorrhage
Xerostomia + arthritis + keratoconjunctivitis sicca
Sjogren's syndrome
Zollinger-Ellison syndrome
Gastrin-secreting tumor a/w ulcers