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Who is invoked in the first verse?
Calliope the God of Muses
Why is it appropriote that Odysseus is described as a man of twists and turns?
Although he is so smart he keeps getting lost and going in different directions.
What does Odysseus mean?
hated or suffering
How did Odysseus' friends destroy themselves?
They devoured the Cattle of the Sun.
What does Calypso mean?
hiding or concealing
Why does Poseidon not like Odysseus?
He killed his cyclops son.
What does Telemachus mean?
fighting from afar
What does Penelope mean?
What is Telemachus daydreaming about when Athena first comes to see him?
Odysseus coming home and kicking out all of the suitors.
Why does Penelope berate Phermius?
He is playing a song about the Greek heroes returning from Troy which makes Penelope mad because Odysseus hasn't returned yet.
What does Antinous mean?
Thinking against
What does Wurymachus mean?
fighting extensively
To exult
to rejoice
to harangue
to give a forceful speech
extremely embarrassed
to chafe
to make sore by rubbing
to balk
to stop doing something you are expected to do
to foil
to prevent something from succeeding
Telemachus has 2 dogs when he is at the assembly. What do they suggest?
They will protect his property and eventually drive the suitors away
How was Penelope deceitful to the suitors?
She said once she finished weaving her web she would chose a suitor to marry her. They caught her unweaving it one night.
What are the Pylians doing when Telemachus' fleet reaches Pylos?
They are sacrificing 91 black bulls to Poseidon.
Why were the bulls black?
When sacrificing to an Underworld god, black was custumary.
Why did Agamemnon and Menelaus have an argument?
Menelaus wanted to leave Troy but Agamemnon insisted they stay a day and sacrifice to Athena for a safe voyage home.
Why would it be important to sacrifice to Athena?
When Troy was being sacked, Cassadra took refuge in Athena's temple and was holding onto her statue until little Ajax threw her off and raped her and the statue fell.
How did Agamemnon die?
He was taking a bath and his wife Clytemnesra threw a net over him while Aegithus, who was having an affair with her, hit him with an axe.
How did Aegithus die?
Agamemnons son Orestes killed him but was tortured by the furies.
What is a flotilla?
a fleet of small ships
What is a heifer?
female cow that hasn't had a calf
What are the four uses for ambrosia?
food, cleanser, preservative, and freshener
What does Proteus turn into when he is grabbed?
a lion, snake, leopard, boar, water, and a tree
Why is it significant that Calypso is swearing by heaven, earth, and styx?
she is swearing by the entire universe
What is a brocade?
an embroidered design
what is an adze?
tool for smoothing wood
in a confused way
to beguile
in a modest way