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Class Amphineura (Chitons)
-Very prominent ventral foot, reduced head, prominent radula, lack eyes and tentacles
-Mostly marine, crawl across rocks while scraping algae off
Class Scaphopoda (Tooth/Tusk Shells)
-Mostly west coast, marine, buried in mud and sand
-Tentacles for feeding, edible, Native Americans used shells for money
Class Gastropoda (Stomach Foot)
Snails, Slugs, Limpets, Nudibranch
-Prominent head with sense organs and a ventral foot
-Many breathe with gills, in land snails gills dissapeared and mantle cavity functions like a lung called a pulmonate
-Torsion: intestine twirls up shell and they shit behind their head
-Most have very prominent radulas and can drill through shells
-Slugs and Nudibranchs are basically snails without shells
Class Bivalvia (Pelecypoda)
Hard/Soft Shelled Clams and Oysters
-Bivalve (2 shells) molluscs, mostly marine few are fresh
-Lack a head, prominent mantle, foot for burrowing
-Move water over their gills through incurrent (in) and excurrent (out) siphons
-Ant/Post adductor: close the valves
-Ant/Post retractors: draw in the foot
-Ant/Post Protractors: extend the foot
Class Cephalopoda
Squids, Octupus, and Nautili
-Nautili has a secreted shell sorrounding body, other reduced to a "pen" sunken into body
-Funnel and tentacles are derived from the foot
Phylum Mollusca
-Body is unsegmented
-Anterior head, ventral foot, dorsal visural mass, mantle: layer of tissue which surrounds body mass
-Calcium carbonate shell secreted by mantle
-Breathe by gills or lungs
-Radule: anterior oral cavity used to scrape away algae