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Phylum Echinodermata
-Marine, spiny-skinned animals
-Most adults are radially symmetric
-All have endoskeleton
-Thin epiderms
-Body 5-parted or in multiples of 5
Class Asteroidea
-Tube feet used for locomotion and exerting pressure on prey
-Mouth is ventral, central disc is large, arms are usually stout
Class Ophiuroidea
Brittle Stars
-Small central disc, arms are independent of disc
-Tube feet used in gatherine food
Class Echinoidea
Sea Urchins and Sand Dollars
-Tube feet for locomotion
-Urchins have prominent spines and are herbivores
-Dollars are flattened and are deposit feeders
Class Holothuroidea
Sea Cucumbers
-Burrow in sediment and ingest it
-Skeleton is reduced to small spicules contained in leathery empidermis