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The paper in spanish is?
el papel
in spanish a pen is?
un boligrafo
In spanish a lapiz is?
a pencil
Un libro is?
a book
la carpeta is?
the folder
la mochila is?
the bookbag
silla means what?
a mesa is?
a table
a flag in spanish is?
una bandera
an eraser is?
un borrador
a note book is?
un cuaderno
a window is
una ventana
a door is
una puerta
a students desk is?
un pupitre
a teachers desk is?
un escritorio
chalk is?
la tiza
the subject pronoun of I in spanish is?
the subject pronoun for we in spanish is?
the subject pronoun for you in spanish is?
the subject pronoun for you- all is?
the subject pronoun for she is?
the subject pronoun for he is?
the subject pronoun for you(formal) is?
the form of ser for I is?
yo soy which means i am
the form of ser for we are is?
nosotros somos
the form of ser for you all are is?
vosotros sois
after the ser in the origin this letter goes after it?
the correct form for telling someone were you are from, the origin, is?
ser_de_place, ex: yo soy de overland park.
when asking someone were they are from you say?
de donde eres tu? (common)
the formal way to ask some one where they are from is?
de donde es ud.