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Quest for golden fleece, epic cycle (lost)
Tale of Jason - Folktale, but...
explorations influenced it
Tale of Jason - Folktale, but...
idea of barbarians influenced it
Tale of Jason - Folktale, but...
interest in gender conflict between jason and medea
people from the east and areas the greeks were not familiar with
Odyssey dealing with time...
in medias res - starts in the middle of the whole thing, foreshadowing
Odyssey's narrative is what pov
first person
why is the pov important
bard is a character, a self-conscious narrator who controls the story - reminds us it is a tale
Odysseus' choice?
to go home instead of staying with calypso
odysseus compared to menelaus and achilles?
menelaus - immortal, had to accept his fate, was not given a choice

achilles - made his choice of a short life with glory but regrets it, rather be a serf on earth than a king in hell
Odysseus' values
homeland, society, family, independence, all part of the moral world
Odysseus' identity needs to exist where?
in the human realm, staying with calypso means he does not get his identity
Odysseus' wife; has to fend off the suitors; weaving, bow contest, etc
penelope's thoughts on her missing husband
she laments like no other, she doesn't know if she should leave her son and go off with a suitor or stave them all off
penelope's dream
20 geese, and an eagle comes and kills them all and tells her that he is odysseus

-she rejects it because it didn't come the hall of polished horn
how does the stranger affect penelope
she seems comforted and skeptical, but she manages to get to sleep
what is penelope's plan

what's Odysseus' reaction?
bow contest, string bow, shoot it through 12 axe-heads

-odysseus says do it
what is her reaction to his identity revealed
she doesn't believe him and she is the one who has to accept him back and give him his identity
one story referring to another in its text
intertextuality 1st 6 books of aeneid
odyssey, with aeneas out on a boat
intertextuality books 7-12 of aeneid
like the iliad with the war and battles
polyphemus cave
-aeneas is cursed
-he has to be reminded to leave
-hermes must set him free
-dido rescues trojans
tendency to portray east as femenin, luxurious, sensuous, soft, and corrupting

dido was oriental with lots of riches, tried to pull aeneas away from fate
strong emotion, rage, madness
fought among greek heroes at troy, dealing with troubles to return home to his kingdom and wife penelope and son telemachus
odysseus' son, 20 at start of story, takes trip to pylos and sparta in bks 3 and 4, helps his mother avoid suitors
odysseus wife, fends off suitors for 20 years with weaving trick
most arrogant of the suitors, wants telemachus killed, odysseus kills him first
one of the suitors, very deceitful and manipulative
only one of the suitors who is a decent man actually seeking marriage
shepherd who helps odysseus reclaim his throne, gave odysseus food and shelter when he was still disguised as the homeless man
nurse who raised odysseus, keeps his identity a secret after recognizing the scar, assists penelope
goatherd who abuses odysseus when he's dressed as the beggar
odysseus father who lives on a farm in ithica
king of pylos and warrior in trojan war, clever speaker
survivor of seige on troy, a pious character who's destiny is to found rome
queen of carthage, she loves aeneas and temps him to stay with her, but aeneas leaves her to fulfull his fate, causing her to commit suicide
aeneas' major antagonist; lavinia's leading suitor; cause of the war on the trojans; kills pallas and wears his belt; this arouses aeneas' furor at the end and causes aeneas to kill him
aeneas son by his first wife creusa, helps on many occasions and shows his bravery
aeneas' father, dies in journey from troy to italy
aeneas' wife at troy, lost and killed as she attempts to flee the city
persuades trojans to take in the wooden horse as an offering to minerva
king of latins, central italy around the tiber river, wants aeneas to marry lavinia
latinus' daughter, object of struggle, everyone wants to marry her
queen and wife of latinus, hates aeneas and likes turnus, kills herself once she sees aeneas is gonna win
king of pallanteum, father of pallas
son of evander, cares for aeneas, killed by turnus
gripping her right hand, begged in the humblest of tones for her help and promised to make her his wife
Ovid, Medea and Jason, Jason is humbling himself
black treachery next...daughters
ovid, the punishment of pelias, she is killing jasons evil uncle
euripides medea
clever, witch, more into persuasion; she is the hero and gets the glory while jason's death is unheroic
achilles son who comes to fight after achilles death. he is more of a bully than a heroic warrior
mortals! always blaming the gods...
homer, odyssey, bk 1, life is your own doing, take revenge in to your own hands
and her eyes rested on the arrogant suitors...
homer, odyssey, bk 1, setting the scene with the suitors in the courtyard
...especially since i am master of this house
homer, odyssey, bk 1, telemachus claiming his growth and trying to take the place of his father
much traveled, and suffering, applied to odysseus
leader of the argonauts, get the golden fleece
evil uncle of jason
witch woman helper of jason, wife?

into magic, takes over the story
boxer who fights the bully