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Dymed, Polyquad, Sorbic Acid, Thimerosal
T/F Dymed has a high toxcitiy
This preservative will have a low toxicity, some absorption into soft lens matrix
Polyqud has a ___________ molecular weight, and ______ absorption into lens matrix
high, no
This preservative has low % .1% bacteriostatic with low sensitivity. Can break down into aldehyde which can cause lens discoloration if used with hydrogen peroxide.
Sorbic Acid
This preservative can cause lens discoloration if used with hydrogen peroxide
Sorbic Acid
Components of a soft contact lens solution
Detergents, Wetters, Buffers, Preservative, Chelating agents
B& L sensitive Eyes Daily cleaner uses this perservative
Sorbic Acid
This cleaner contains 20% isopropyl alocohol and is only available to practicioners
This preservative is found in B& L Renu
This multi-pupose cleaner contains Hydroxnate (non-enzyme protein remover) and is a no rub method
Renu Multi-Plus Multi-Purpose
This multi-pupose cleaner contains ALDOX which klls acanthamoeba.
Opti-Fresh Replennish
Hydrogen Peroxide solutions systems include
AOSEPT and Ultracate,Purilens
This Hydroen Peroxide system uses UV light and subsonic turbulence to clean and disinfect lense
Ehen using Complete Moisutre Plus Multipurpose Solution by Advanced Medical Optic, soak the lenses for atleast ________ or up to 7 days
4 hours
This multipurpose solution by Ciba Vision has silver ions infused to protect against pseudonomas
Aquify MPS can be used in 3 possible ways
Lenses that are worn for over 30 days should be cleaned by 3 drops and rubbed. Lenses that are to be replaed within 30 days should have their contacts rinsed and then soaked for atleast 4 minutes. Lenses that are to be disnfeted vias the 5 minute exporess moethd should clean with 3 drops, rinse lenses, and then loet it soak for atleast 5 minutes.
Opti-Free Replenish MPS by Alcon should be soaked
overnight or for atleast hours
Opti Free Rinsing, Disinfecting and Storage solution by Alcon must bw
SHKAEN before you clean. Contains Polyquad. It must be soaked in case for a minimum of 4 hours
Enzyme cleaners in Opti-free
Supracleans, Frequency
Opti-one by Alcon uses ____- for disinfectant and ___- for cleaner
Polyquad citrate
T/F Quick CARE by ciba uses H202 for oxidation
FALSE, it uses it for preservative
Quick Care by CIBA uses both a
starting solution and a finishing solution. Soak for 1 minute for complete disinfection
Chlorhexidine is used for this kind of cl
RGPs only
This RGP solution has a Hydra-Mat II sotrage unit
ComfortCare GP One step.
RGP cleaning solutions include
ComfortCare GP One step. Bosont Origional by Polymer, Boston Advance, Boston Simplus, Wet-N-Soak by Allergan, Opti-Soak y Alcon, Claris by Allergan, Optimum by Lobob
This RGP cleaning solution should be soaked for 2 hours but nor more than 12 hours
Claris RGP cleaning soln must be soaked for a minimum of
6 hours
T/F Optimum by lobob should be soaked in case for a minimum of 6 hours