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What are the abjectives of traffic enforcement?
A) deter the traffic violater or potenial violater
B) increase level of voluntary compliance with traffic regulations
What happens if traffic laws are not enforced?
A) highway fatalities and injuries
B) property damage
C) poor police image
D) impediment to efficient flow of traffic
The role of a LEO in traffic enforcement includes,
A) enforce traffic laws
B) control traffic
C) investigate crashes
D) prepare reports
Traffic enforcement directed toward the time and place of high traffic incident frquency and types of violations is called ________?
selective enforcement
3 major sub-groups with the traffic law enforcement system
A) law enforcement agency
B) traffic court
C) Dept of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
List procedures to follow when filings out a traffic citation.
print in black ink;
press to go through all copies;
fill out infraction box and statue #;
have violator sign;
proofread violation
Refusal to sign traffic ticket will result in _____?
Signs, markings, and devices placed on a street to regulate, warn or guide traffic are ______?
traffic control devices
What is the main objectives of traffic direction and control?
increase flow and increase safety
Signals designated to operate manually, electronically and/or mechanically to aid in flow of traffic by alternating controlling the stopping and procedding of traffic are defined as ____?
traffic signals
When is traffic direction and control appropriate?
A) rush hours
B) traffic light failures
C) vehicle crashes
D) special events
E) major diaster
F) when traffic control devices are missing
G) assisting other public service agencies
What are some tools an officer has when directing traffic.
A) whistle
B) gloves
C) lighted baton
D) flares
E) barricades
F) reflective slip over vest
G) traffic lanes
H) cyalume lightsticks
Once a plan is in operation it is _____ to alter.
One long blast from a whistle = ______?
two short blast from a whistle = ____?
several short blasts are used to ______?
get the driver's attention
_____________ is described as the designation for the law enforcement resposibilities concerned with the control and normalization of a traffic crash scene.
crash management
What are the types of situations requiring traffic control?
A) emergency
B) planned
Every device in, upon, or by which any person or property is or may be transported or drawn upon highway is a ________?
The state or condition of a vehicle when it is in use primarily for moving ersons or property from one place to another is A) in motion B) in readiness for motion C) on a roadway but not parked in a designated parking area
Motor vehicle in transport
That portion of a traffic way which is improved, designated, or ordinarily used for vehicular travel, exclusive of the shoulder is the _______.
_____________ is the entire width between boundary lines of every way or place of which any part is open to use the public for the purpose of vehiculat travel.
traffic, street, highway
Fatal injury can result within ____ days of a traffic crash
Name some sources available to the LEO for obtaining factual evidence.
A) people
B) vehicle
C) highway
D) debris
What are 3 factores that may be involved in a cause of a collision?
A) poeple
B) vehicles
C) highway enviroment
What is some equipment used in sketching?
A) clip board
B) measuring device
C) crash investigation
D) writing instrument
E) lumber crayon/chalk
F) camera
List some surface marks a vehicle can leave
A) skid
B) squeegee marks
C) furrow
D) criticial speed mark (yaw mark)
E) offset mark
_______ is a black mark left by a tire that is sliding and not free to rotate.
skid mark
Identify factors that the officer must consider when evaluating skid marks for vehicular speed.
A) pre-skid speed of vehicle
B) drag factor
C) elevation of grade of the surface
D) deistance of skid
What are the 2 types of skids?
A) straight
B) overlapping skids
In the formula f=S²÷30D what does each varible mean?
f= drag factor
S= speed at which test skid was made
D= length of test skid
What is a nomograph?
a scientific chart used to figure out drag factor
What is needed to calculate the minimum speed from a skid mark?
A) drag factor
B) % grade
C) distance of skid
What is the formula for determing the minimum speed from a skid mark?
What are the 4 locations in FL for organ donation?
tampa, miami, orlando, jacksonville
Refridgerated bodies may be accepted up to ____ hours?
Non-refridgerated bodies may be accepted only up to _____ hours.
Vital organs may be sustained through ____ support systems enven though brain death occurs.
About ____ of all traffic and boat fatalities are alcohol or drug related.
A person is guilty if DUI if the person is driving or in actual physical control of a vehicle and is affected to the extent that his or her mormal faculties are impared as a result of these ____?
A) alcoholic beverages
B) any chemical substances listed in 877.111
C) any substance controlled under CH 893
This chapter deals with controlled substances?
Chapter 893
A Blood alcohol level > ____ is being under the influence?
______ is the process which alcohol enters the bloodstream.
_____ is the process by which the alcohol carried via the bloodstream to all the tissues and organs of the body
_______ the effects the alcohol has on the other chemical processes in the body
______ is the process by which the alcohol is expelled from the body.
Is digestion of alcohol required?
no, alcohol is absorbed
What are some factors that will affect absorbtion rate?
A) drinking more slowly and over a longer time span
B) presence of food in the stomach
C) diluting alcoholic beverage
Identify 3 phases of detection of a DUI driver.
1) vehicle in motion
2) personal contact
3) pre-arrest screening
Identify the 2 elements within the vehicle in motion phase of a DUI
1) vehicle maneuvers
2) human indicators
Identify the 3 types of pre-arrest screening clues:
1) physiological
2) psychological
3) subject's actions
Name the 3 standerdized field sobriety tests:
1) Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus
2) Walk and Turn
3) One Leg Stand
Which feild test is the most reliable?
______ is a involuntary jerking of the eyes?
When conduction the HGN what are you looking for?
1) equal tracking
2) equal pupil size
3) eye jerk
Nystagmus may occur naturally in approx _____ % of the population.
How many possible clues are there in a HGN test and how many does it take to implicate the person is over .10%?
There are 6 possible and you have to have at least 4
WAT stands for?
Walk and Turn
How many possible clues are there in a WAT test and how many does it take to implicate the person is over .10%?
8 possible and need at least 2
What are the two stages involed in the One-Leg Stand test?
A) instruction stage
B) standing stage
How many possible clues are there in a OLS test and how many does it take to implicate the person is over .10%?
4 possible and 2 is a minimum