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Halfway house
A correctional facility housing convicted felons who spend a portion of their day at work in the community bt reside in the halfway house during non working hours
The conditional release of an inmate from incarceration under supervision after part of the prision sentence has been served
Parole Vs Probation
-Where managed?
-Which is more serious?
Probation is the sentence that the offender is allowed to serve under the supervision in the community
Parole Mandatory Sentence
occurs after an inmate has served time equal to the tota sentence minus good time
Unconditional Release
pardon/ cummuted/ served entire sentence
Custodial Model
A model of incarceration that emphasizes security, dicipline, and order
Rehabilitaion model
-Another Term
-Based on?
A model of corrections that emphasizes the need to restore a convicted offender to a constructive place in society through some form of vocational or educational training or therapy