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A piece of data you're sending
Error checking
SNA (Systems Network Architecture)
A precursor to the OSI/RM
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)
Used to manage TCP/IP networks; can collect data from any smart network device
DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)
Assigns IP ADDRESSES AND OTHER NETWORK SETUP information on a TCP/IP network
DLC (Data link control)
Originally used by IBM to connect clients to mainframes
What is a datagram
it refers to the kind of packet used in the OSI/RM
Binding protocols
on a Unix system - reconfiguring the kernel
reconfiguring the kernel
update drivers and protocols on a UNIX machine
IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force)
Helps steer the development of internet architecture and protocols
The stages of a protocol
Experimental, proposed, draft, standard
protocol tested in a lab environment
passed lab test.
several groups test to see what improvements need to be made
IESG begins to consider making the protocol a standard
IESG declares a protocol one of two types

one that applies to the internet
one that applies to only certain networks
What two stages may a protocol be
Historic - outlived usefulness, retired

informational - a protocol that a vendor or other organization develops for its own use
RFC (Request for comments)
Documents about internet protocols that are formally published on the internet