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What are the two scripting categories
Client-side and Server-side
What is client side
code that is embedded into web pages.
The client browser software interprets and runs the script on the user's machine
What is Server-side scripting
Scripts are stored, interpreted and run on the server. After the server processes the script, the resulting data is pulled onto the web page.
What is load distribution
Distributing the work load betwen the client and the server
What is Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
The standard many web servers utilize to connect to external programs or scripts
Where are CGI scripts are usually stored where?
List the pros of CGI
CGI is well tested

CGI can run on any operating system

CGI uses interpreted languages-often scripting languages- that don't have to be compiled like programming languages

Tons of scripts already exist
List the cons of CGI
CGI has a higher risk of malfunction than some other methods

Each script runs as a separate process on the server

CGI scripts reside in folders with execute permission

Cgi scripts are stateless (cant tell the difference between one session and another)
What language are CGI scripts usually written in
Perl Programming language
Users usually create Active Server pages (ASP) with what
What are Active Server Pages files
.asp even though they often contain some regular (static) HTML content in addition to the ASP content
Developers don't use VBScript-ASP'S primary scripting language-for client-side scripting, why?
because it's not cross-browser compatible. As long as you use VBScript server-side and the server is configured to run it, only the server needs to understand it
What is Server-side JavaScript (SSJS)
The netscape equivalent of ASP
What is the database-connection part of SSJS
What is PHP
Personal Home Page an open source serve side scripting language
What is ColdFusion
a server-side scripting language originally created by Allaire
Who later purchased Coldfusion
Macromedia and now it's part of Macromedia's Dreamweaver Ultradev program
What is Coldfusion's scripting/markup language called
ColdFusion Markup Lnguage (CFML) and ends with the .cfm extension
When creating a form the method attribute can equal either GET or Post.

What does each do
The "GET" Adds the form data to the end of the url string (the web page address up in the address bar)

The "POST" sends the form data as a separate text file. As a seperate file, it can be encrypted to keep the data secure.
What are SERVER Application Programming Interfaces (SAPIs)
Web server extensions (preprogrammed bits of code ) that server administrators can download.
What is one benefit of SAPI over CGI
SAPI applications are threaded. This means that each part of the process runs as a subprocess, or miniprogram on its own. If the process is interrupted it can just start over where it stopped-each part runs independently
What is Internet Server Application Programming Interface (ISAPI)
The type of Server Application Programming Interface's that Microsoft servers use
What is the name of the shared library files that ISAPI'S use?
DLL (DYNAMIC Link Library)
What are DLL files
Files that can be shared and run by several programs at once
What are JavaServer Pages (JSP's)
The server-side equivalent of Java Applets
What is a Nonrelational database
a database that contains a table or series of tables that isn't connected or related in any way.

Example: Microsoft Excel
What is a relational database
tables can share data or be related.

Example: Microsoft Access
What is object-oriented
A newer type of data-base which can be created with objected-oriented programmingh languages, such as Java or C++
What is Open Database Connectivity
The Microsoft method of connecting programming or scripting to a database
What is Java Dabase Connectivity (JDBC)
A database connection system developed by Sun Microsystems. It's platform independent unlike ODBC
What are the 3 parts to a database
User interface

Process logic

Data storage
Explain User Interface
The interface the user works with
Explain the Process logic
The part of the database program that processes and queries information.

What is data storage
The tables and/or fields where the data is stored
What is it called if the user interface, process logic and data storage are all contained on one machine
one-tier computing
What is two-tier
Database processes are spread over two computers; one takes care of the process logic and data storage, the other just formats the dat on the screen
What is three-tier computing
Three separate computers each handle one aspect of the database.

One-contains the user interface
another -process logic
the third - handles the data storage
What is n-tier
The user interface and data storage are on two separate computers while the process logic (the most demanding) is spread over several computers
What is a thin-client
It implies the database functions are spread over at least three computers (a three-tier process)
What are the three parts to a packet
Header, Data and Trailer
What is the header of a packet
The part that contains addressing information

Info that transmission protocols need to process the packet

And a signal to alert the destination computer that the packet is on its way
What is Demultiplexing
The procedure that the destination computer uses to process an incoming packet
What is the Open Systems Interconnection Reference Model
A standard network architecture model that most popular network operating systems are based on