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What does Civilization mean?
A society with cities, a written language, government, and laws
What does Legends mean?
Story from past times beieved by some to be based on fact.
What does Culture mean?
A peoples way of life including in what they believe, the language they speak, and the things the mke thier own.
What does Community mean?
Group of people who share the same interests. This could be people living in the same village or town.
What does Rituals mean?
A set method for performing religious ceremonies.
What does Religous mean?
Beliefs, practices, values that makes up a persons religion with a devine being.
What does Artifacts mean?
Item produce by humans(bowls, coins, ect...) used by archeologists to learn about past cultures.
What does Climate mean?
Weather patterns in a region.
What does Invention mean?
New idea or new piece of equipment.
What does Enironment mean?
A place where creatures live. This could be a desert, city, or any kind of surrounding.