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Missouri Compromise
Missouri wanted to join as a slave state, but that would upset the balance of slave and free states, so maine was added as a free state and an imaginary line 36 30 north was made so every territory above was free and below was slave
Other key components: Devised by henry clay
Compromise of 1850
Devised by Stephen Douglas
-California joined as a free state
-Divided mexican cession
-Ended slave trade in Washingto DC
-Fugitive slave laws
-settled border disppute between texas and New mexico
Kansas nebraska act
Divised by Stephen douglas
Divided the territory into two (kansas territory and nebraska territory) and each territory would decide for itself throught popular sovreignty wether it would be slave or free
True or false: Harriet beacher stowe wrote uncle toms cabin
Bleeding kansas
Kansas was the testing ground for popular sovreignty
pro slavery and anti slavery people flodded into kansas before the vote to try and sway it one way or another this sparked violence, border ruffions illegally crossed the border and made illegal votes
Dred Scott case
Dred scott, a slave moved to the wisconsin territory with his master, where slavery is not allowed,and scotts owner died. Scott argued that he should be free and the supreme court was in an uproar, eventually it was decided he would remain a slave
causes of the civil war
-president Lincoln elected
- southern states seceded
-states rights