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What was the first battle of the civil war?
Fort Sumter in South Carolina
What was the first MAJOR battle of the civil war?
Battle of Mannassus - called the Battle of BULL RUN
Bloodiest single day of battle
The Fight of America/Sharksburg
What two events were the turning point of the war?
The Battle of Gettysburg and Vicksburg
How do deaths in the Civil War compare to other wars?
The deaths in the Civil War add up to all the deaths in other wars added together. 620,000 Americans died.
Whose election caused the south to secede and why?
Lincoln because he was a Republican who wanted to limit the spread of slavery.
What was the contradiction between General Lee's beliefs and his loyalties?
He didn't like slavery and freed his slaves before the war ended. He also didn't think much of states' rights.

In the end he loved Virginia too much and had to stick with his home state even though it went against his beliefs.
What states seceded? How many in total?
Eleven: South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennesee

REMEMBER: SC, NC, Virginia, Georgia

mississippi, alabama, tennessee
Florida, Louisiana, arkansas, texas
What was the name of the country the said they formed? What was it's capital
The Confederate States of America. Richmond Virginia was the capital
What form of Government did the confederacy have?
It was a government where the states had all the power and the central government didn't have much power
Who was the confederate's president? What kind of president was he?
President Jefferson Davis. He did not have power to make decisions needed to win a war because the states had all the power. He was stubborn and people did not like working with him.
Who led the Confederate Army? What kind of leader was he?
Robert E. Lee. He was brave and fair. He was a great leader.
Who was the second Union Army commander? What kind of leader was he?
George Brinton McClellan. He was very organized. He turned the troops into a real army.
What were some names for the South during the war
Rebels, Confederates
Why did the south claim it wanted independence? What was the underlying reason?
The south claimed it wanted independence because it believed in States' rights. Really they wanted to keep slavery going.
Who led the Union army to victory? Why was he more effective than other US military commanders?
Ulysses S. Grant. He didn't worry about military theory. He just OUTKILLED or OUTLASTED his enemies. At the seige of Vicksburg he cut off the city until they were starving. He learned he had to TRAP them
What were the names of the north during the civil war?
Yankees, Federals, Union
How many states remained in the union?
23? Plus West Virginia, the 35th state.
What was Sherman's March to the Sea?
General William Sherman led the north across a path through the south 40 miles wide. They left empty fields burned barns and homes and killed the livestock.
What was the story of West Virginia?`
They were small farmers who didn't have slaves. They decided to break away from Virginia and form their own state: West Virginia, which was loyal to the north.
Why didn't the North let the South quit?
There would still be problems with runaway slaves and also the south would try to take over the West as slave territory.
What was Sherman's concept of "Total War"
He believed that army battles alone would not win the war. They had to hurt all the Southern people to end the war, not just soldiers. Many innocent people were hurt.
What was the Emancipation Proclamation? Why did Lincoln make it in the MIDDLE of the war?
It was a document that said that all the slaves in the REBEL states were free.

Lincoln thought the time was finally right to end slavery.
Explain why the Battle of Gettysburg and the siege of Vicksburg became the turning point of the war.
Gettysburg showed the North that General Robert E. Lee is beatable. The Seige of Vicksburg gave the Union control of the Mississippi River.

Because of these two defeats, England won't support the South.
Why did Grant lay seige to Petersburg?
Petersburg was the supply center for the south.
Who led the Union army at the start of the war? Why was he replaced? What was his plan?
General Winfield Scott. His plan was to block the Southern PORTS and block their ships. He also wanted to control the Mississippi River. This would SQUEEZE the south out of business like an ANACONDA. So it was called the Anaconda plan. Everyone thought his plan was crazy (even though that is what eventually happened) and so Lincoln forced him to retire and replaced him with George Brinton McClellan.
How did the Union army finally capture Lee's army?
They surrounded Lee's army so there was no way out at Appomattox Court House.
When was President Lincoln assassinated? Who shot him and why?
He was shot while he was at a play in Ford's theater by John Wilkes Booth. Booth was a coward who had not fought in the war, but wanted to feel important.
What happened to General Robert E. Lee's plantation after the war?
It was turned into Arlinton Cemetary.