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Who was Abrahm Lincoln during the Civil War?
The President of the Union
What was the importnce of Fort Sumter?
This battle marked the beginning of the Civil War.
What were the four border states?
Delaware, Kentucky, Meryland, and Missouri.
Who was Elizabeth Blackwell during the Civil War?
She was the first official woman doctpr in the U.S. who volunteered to heal injured and sick soldier on the Union side of the War.
Who was Winfield Scott during the Civil War?
A Union General who created teh ultimate plan to defeat the south with less bloodshed than any other plan would create.
What was teh cotton diplomacy during the Civil War?
The plan the Confederacy had made to gain funds by selling a lot of cotton to Britain and France, but failed, as Britain and France had enough cotton themselves.
Who was Irvine McDowell?
A general during the Civil War who was a particularly skilled general, who eventually forced the Confederacy to surrender.
Who was Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson?
A General during the Civil War who was known for keeping a still position and not falling back.
What was so interesting about the First Battle of Bull Run?
It was expected to be an easy victory for the Union, but the Confederacy put up a great fight and won.
Who was George McClellan?
A Union general during the Civil War who was a strong general, but so cautious that Lincoln was clearly frustrated with him.
Who was Robert Lee?
A Confederate general during the Civil war that was a very strong general and won most of his battles
What was so unique about the Seven Days Battle?
The Union Troops greatly outnumbered teh Confederate troops, which was described as "It was war-not murder".
What was so significant about the Second Battle of Bull Run?
The overconfident Union General's troops quickly fell apart.
Why was the Battle of Antietam so important?
There were great numbers of casualties on both sides, and was the bloodiest battle in U.S. history. This battle was also a great vicotory for the Union because General Lee (confed.) lost several troops and his northward advance was stopped.
What are ironclads?
Ships that are heavily covered in iron.
Who was Ulysses Grant during the Civil War?
The most important figure in the Western theater of the war that supported the Union and was a great general. He was far more agressive than McClellan, making him more valuable to Lincoln.