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What did segregation laws do?
Segregation laws forced African Americans to use separate hotels, restaurants, and attend separate public schools. African Americans were forced to drink out of separate fountains and use separate bathroom faciltities in public.
What is segregation?
Segregation is the practice of keeping people in separate groups based on their race or culture.
Civil War and Reconstruction :
Chapter 6 - Lesson 3
pg. 246 - 253
Why did people move to cities in mothern states in the mid-1800's?
In the mid-1800's people in the northern states were moving to cities to work in manufacturing.
What did the Fourteenth Amendment say?
The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States constitution declared that all people born in this country were citizens.
What is an amendment?
An amendment is a change to a constitution.
What happened during Florida's reconstruction?
During Florida's reconstruction:

- sharecroppers were hired to help work the plantations in the place of freed slaves,

- government leaders passed laws to help former slaves, and
- a new state constitution was written.
What is reconstruction?
Reconstruction was a time of rebuilding after the Civil War had ended.

Many builds, ports, farms, railroads, and plantations had been destroyed in the Civil War.
What did the Ubited States Congress do to help former slaves?
The United States Congress started the Freedman Bureau in 1865 to help freed slaves and some poor white farmers by providing:

- food, clothing, and organized schools to teach reading and writing.
What is sharecropping?
- Share cropping is a system in which land owners gave workers shelter and tools in exchange for the crops they grew.

- A sharecropper is a person who rents land, farms it, and pays the landowner with a share of the crops.
- In return for a share of the crops, landowners rented sharecroppers cabins.
Did freed slaves find work during Reconstruction?
Yes, some former slaves were able to find work as carpenters and blacksmiths, but there were not enough jobs for everyone. Some freed slaves were hired by plantation owners or worked as sharecroppers.
Who carried out President Lincoln's plan for Reconstruction?
President Andrew Johnson tried to carry out Lincoln's plan for Reconstruction.