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Who was President during the war?
Abraham Lincoln
What was the name of the 2 sides fighting in the Civil War?
North and the South
What happened on April 9, 1865?
The war ended and General Lee surrendered to General Grant at Appomattox Court House.
What was Reconstruction for?
To rebuild the South after the war
After the war a new state government was formed. Why?
Tp approve the 13 Amendment to the Constitution, which abolished slavery.
What were two causes of the Civil War?
Slavery and States Rights
Who was the President of the South?
Jefferson Davis
How did the Civil War begin?
The South attacked Fort Summer
Who was the Gettysburgh Address for?
To honor those who died there
Abraham Lincoln spoke what speech in Pennsylvania?
Gettysburgh Address
What ended slavery in the Confederate states?
Emancipation Proclamation