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WHo was the CSA general and president?
Robert E Lee, Jefferson davis
Who was the Union general and president?
Ulysses S grant and Lincoln
WHo won the battle of Bull run?
What battle was the turning point of the war and what was so special about it?
Gettysburg, CSA was offennsive
What did the emancipation Proclomation do?
Freed all the slaves in the CSA
WHy did the EP only free slaves in the CSAand not the border states?
the border states would probably secede if their slaves were taken away.
What were four advantages of the Union?
More railroad, grater population, More money, more manufacturing
What are four advantages of the CSA
Better trained soldiers, defensive, knew the land, Great military leaders
why did the states secede fomr the union to begin with?
President Lincoln was elected
Where did General lee surrender to Grant
Appomatox courthouse