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What were the two main causes of the Civil War?
What could the state of America be called in the 1850's?
Dual character (half free and half slave)
What was a big problem during this time?
Define sectionalism.
Excessive devotion to local interests and customs.
Alexis de Tocqueville who wrote "democracy in America obersvered what?
a split between rich and poor, north and south, and the free and those in slavery
How many people where in the nation in 1850.
23 million
What part of the country flourished in industry?
What part of the country flourished in agriculture?
Midwest and southern
What were the typical of Eastern industries?
textile, machinery, lumber, leather, and woolen goods.
What did the south manly grow?
Tobacco, rice, and cotton
Who invented the cotton gin?
Eli Whitney
What increased the capability of famr production?
McCormick Paper
What issue split the country?
What did the south resent against the north?
North's large profits from marketing southern cotton crop
What did politically correct people call slavery?
Peculiar institution
Why didn't the south feel responsible for the institution of slavery?
Because it had been a way of life for over 200 years
Who owned slaves?
The minority of whites who had money?
How many planters owned at least 20 slaves?
46,274 people
Why did the north hate slavery?
The hated the poor treatment of slaves
Who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin, which was a best-selling novel about the treatment of slaves.
Harriet Beecher Stowe
What was the the main character in Uncle Tom's Cabin?
Jim Crow
What name was used to describe laws that were passed in the South after the war, which separated black from whites?
Jim Crow
When was the defeat in Mexico?
What states were gained from Mexico?
Arizona, Nevada, California, Utah, and parts of New Mexico
In 1849, where was gold found?
What caused the Westward Expansion?
The California gold rush
What two peices of legislation answered the question of whether or not slavery should be extended into the new territories?
The Compromise of 1850 and the Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854)
What did the compromise of 1850 strictly enforced?
The Fugitive Slave Act?
What did the Fugitive slave act require?
All runaway slaves had to be returned.
How did slaves escape?
Throught the underground railroad
Was California admitted as a free or slave state.
What is popular sovereignty?
Popular sovereignty is the doctrine that government is created by and subject to the will of the people, who are the source of all political power.
What did the Kansas-Nebraska Act abolish?
the old "freedom line" set in the Missouri Compromise of 1820
The provisions, of what act, repealed the Missouri compromise?
The Kansas-Nebraska Act
What was thearmed revolt that involved northern abolitionists called?
Bleeding Kansas
What two groups fought in Bleeding Kansas
Northern abolishionists and slave holding southerners
What was Dred Scott Vs. Sanford?
A court case where Scott (a slave) was brought to a free territory then sent back to the south.
What did Cheif Justice Roger Tainey rule on Dred Scott Vs. Sanford
Scott wasn't a citizen so he couldn't argue for his freedom. He declared that slaves were property.
What was John Brown famous for?
He was an abolishionist who raided a federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry to start a slave revolt but Robert E. Lee captured him after 2 days and he was hung.
What was John Brown depicted as?
A Martyr
What lead to seccession?
Political unrest
In 1858, who did Lincoln oppose for a US senate seat for Illinois?
Stephen A Douglas
What was Lincoln's saying at one of his historical debates?
"A house divided against itself cannot stand."
What is a station?
A safe house
What is a conductor?
guided escapees
What is a passenger?
A runaway
What is a monkey wrench?
slave blacksmith
What is a cross road?
A city where ruanways wou8ld find protection (Cleveland, OH or Detroit Michigan)
What craft sent messages on the underground railroad?
Was Lincoln a simple person?
No he was very complex
T or F Lincoln was fiercely ambitious and firm in his purpose.
T or F Lincoln had formal schooling.
False, he had almost no formal schooling
T or F Lincoln served as a captain of the Missouri militia.
False, he served as the captain of the Illinois militia.
Ate what age had the state legisilature elected him?
25 years old
Where did he work at as while he was studing law?
He worked in a store
When did Lincoln re-enter the political arena?
When the slavery debate grew hotter
Name the four presidential canidates and their parties.
Abraham Lincoln-Republican
Stephan A. Douglan-Democrate(N)
John C. Breckenridge-Democrate (S)
John Bell-Constitutional Union
What did Lincoln pledge?
He would keep the union together.
T or F. Lincoln was for slavery.
False, he was against slavery
Describe Lincoln's victory.
Lincoln won an easy electorial victory, but had only a plurality of popular votes.
What was Lincoln view of blacks?
He thought they were inferior.
Was Lincoln for immediate freedom of slaves?
Did he think blacks and whites could live together?
Where would Lincoln send the slaves to? Was this realistic?
What was he adament about?
No sstate would be allowed to leave the Union without a fight.
What did peace democrates negotiate for?
The negotiated a way to let the "wayward sisters of the South go in to the federal government"
What was the more radical people called for disloyalty to the federal government?
What did Lincoln suspend?
Rights to a speedy trial, to be charged with a specific crime when arrested, publication of some newspapers, voting in some border states, and arranged leave for some soldiers to go home and vote.
T or F. Lincoln disregarded the Constitution.
What were Lincoln's actions deamed?
Where is Fort Sumter constructed on?
An artificial island made of New England granite
What harbor is it located in?
Charleston Harbor
Who took command of Fort Sumter on Dec. 26th, 1860?
Major Robert Anderson, a West Point graduate and instructor
Who was 2nd in command?
Captain Abner Doubleday
When did South Caroline succeed?
Dec. 20, 1860
T or F Carolinians quickly seized federal property.
Name two qualities of Beauregard.
Who educated Beauregard?
Maj. Anderson
Since when did Beauregard lay seige against Fort Sumter and ask for surrender?
Did Anderson surrender?
No, but he said he'd would be starved out in a few days
How many rounds were fired and how many people were killed/wounded?
40,000 rounds and there were no casualties
Who was the first to die from the civil war (an ember causing an explosion from celebrating)
Union Private Daniel Hough
Name the states that succeeded in order.
South Carolina
North Carolina
Name the three geographic areas the war was fought at.
1. Between Richmond and Washington D.C.
2. In the valley of Ohio, Cumberland, adn Tennessee Rivers
3. Along the Mississippi River to New Orleans
Where is Bull Run located at?
15 miles from Washington D.C.
Did the south fight defensively or offensively?
Defensively (they would not attack the Union first)
Were both armies inexperience at the Battle of Bull Run?
Who did the early hours favor?
The Union
Were the Union troops reinforced? If, so where did they come from?
Yes, Harper's Ferry
Which side did Thomas Jackson fight for?
The Confederates
What was Thomas Jacksons nickname? How did he get it?
Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson; a general noted to his troops "There stands Jackson like a stonewall"
What did Jackson order his troops to do?
"Scream like furries"
Who did Lincoln replace the Union Commander (Winfield Scott) with?
George B. McClellan
Who hindered the Union retreat?
Civiallians who had picknicked and watched the battle
Who commanded the Western army?
How did he try to split the south?
He captured cities along the Ohio, Mississippi, Cumberland, adn Tennessee Rivers
Who captured the port of New Orleans?
David Farragit
How long did the battle of Monitor and Merrimac take and what did the ships do?
It took 4 hrs and both ships retired to the safety of their own harbor
What ships did the southern merrimac attack?
Norhtern ships that blockaded the port at Norfolk.
How long after did the iron clad (monitor) attack?
1 day
Did the blockade stand?
Who attacked the 2nd Bull Run?
Who won the 2nd Bull Run?
What did defeats mean to the Union?
enlistments feel
people hesitated to buy bonds
desertions increased
Lincoln and his cabinet were to blame
What was the bloodiest day of the war?
Who begins his first attempt to invade the North?
Robert E. Lee
When did the single most deadly day occur?
September 17, 1862
How many troops were either killed or missing?
How many did the confederates lose?
What served as informal boundary between North and South?
The Pontomac
Who was at its high tide after the 1st year and 9 major battles?
The Confederacy
What did Lincoln do after the Antietam?
He issued his Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation.
How many slaves were freed from the proclamation?
Because enlistments feel, what did the Union have to do in March of 1863?
Start a draft law
T or F blacks couldn't join the union army
False they could, they were paid $7.00 (1/3 of white soldiers)
Did whites or blacks suffer more casualties?
What did Lincoln sign into law in Aug. 1861?
The first income tax
How did the far west keep up with the news of the war?
The telegraph
After men from the West came to help, what did the Native Americans do to settlers?
They attacked them
Who was leading one of the most successful campaigns in the west?
What did Grant do?
He isolated Vicksburg and laid seige to the south's last strong hold on the Mississippi River
What battle killed Jackson?
Battle of Chancellorsville (Northeast Virginaia)
Who won the Battle of Chancellorsville?
The Confederates
What did General George G. Meade do?
He followed the confederate Army North to Gettysburg
How many people died at Gettysburg?
165000 died in the single greatest battle
On Day 1 (July 1) Lee has what advantage that he fails to do?
He fails to establish the confederates of the high ground.
What is the union line shaped like?
A fish hook
Who controls the high ground on Day 2 (July 2)?
The Union
What is the line on Cemetary Ridge in which Lee attacks known as?
Picketts Charge
What is Gettysburg known as?
The turning point of the war
How many years does the fight continue on after Gettysburg?
2 years
What did the surrender of Vicksburg give the north?
They had control of the Mississippi River and split the South.
What two generals deveastate the south?
Sherman and Sheridan
What two main cities did they attack in Georgia?
Atlanta and Savannah
What was Grant known as?
Unconditional surrender Grant
What were the terms of the surrender?
confederates would cease hostilities
Sign letters supporting the union
Confederate soldiers could keep their swords and horses