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What pledge did Lincoln make to the south in him inauguration speech in March 1861?
that he wouldnt try to end slavery in the South
Why was Ft. Sumter importany to the South?
controlled the entrance to Charleston Harbor
When did the Civil War begin? (m-d-y)
April 12, 1861
Where did the Civil war begin?
Fort Sumter,Charleston, and South Carolina
The capital of of the Confederate States of America was? city,state
Delaware, Maryland,Kentucky, and Missouri; slave states that lay between the North and the South and didnt join the Confederacy during hte Civil War
border states
Why was West Virginia established at this time?
Western Virginia's population was most loyal to the Union
How was President Lincoln's family divided at this time?
Mary Todd Lincol(Lincolns Kentucky-born wife)had 4 brothers that fought in the Confederacy.
Who was the first women to earn a medical degree and convince Lincoln to form the U.S Sanitary commission.
Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell
List 5 advantages of the North when the war began.
more people,railroads & factories, large Navy, and could raise more money
List for advantages of the South.
defending home and way of life,better trained military leaders, figthing a defense war, and way of life in the South made men good soldiers
What were the Unions 3 objectives in fighting the war?
blockade southern ports, capture the Mississippi River, and capture Richmond
What were the Unions 3 objectives in fighting the war?
blockade southern ports, capture the Mississippi River, and capture Richmond
What were the Souths 2 strategies
defend its territory and wear down the Unions will to fight and caoture Washingotn D.C.
Confederate efforts to use the importance of southern cotton to Britians textile industry to persuade the British to support the Confederacy in the Civil War
cotton diplomacy
Why did the cotton diplomacy fail for the South?
they believed that the british government would support them cuz cotton was importany to Great Britians textile industry but the british had a large supply of cotton stockpiles(they also got it from India and Egypt
When did the first battle of the civil War take place?
July 1861
The first battle was known as?
First Battle of Bull Run
Which Confederate General inspired the southern troops and what was his nickname?
Thomas Jackson/Stonewall
How could this first choice to lead the Union Army?
If Confederate werent so tired and disorganized
First major battle of the Civil War, resulting in a Confederate victory: showed that the Civil War wouldnt be won easily
First Battle of Bull Run
Who was Lincolns first choice to lead the Union Army and why did he resign from the U.S. Army?
Robert E. Lee/ virginia left the Union and he resigned(VA was his birthplace)
Series of Civil War battles in which the Confederate Army successes forced the Union Army to retreat from near Richmond,Virginia, the Confederate capital
Seven Days Battle
Civil War battles in which the Confederate Army forced most of the Union Army out of Virginia
Second Battle of Bull Run
What had Lee decided to tdo after the Second Bul Run?
he decided to take the war into the North
Why did the Confederate leaders need a victory on Northern soil?
hoped it might break the Unions spirit and convince European powers to aid the South
Give the date of Antietam. (m-d-y)
September 17,1862
Union victory in the Cibil War that marked the bloodiest single-day battle in the U.S. military history
Battle of Antietam
Hwo was McClellan able to fight Lee and his troops?
Lees plans were found by Union Soldiers and gived to McCellan which he used to plan a counter attack
What were blockade runners?
small, fast ships
Warships heavily armored with iron
What was the name of the North and Souths ironclad?
Monitor and Virginia
What was the Union startegy in the West?
capture Fort Henery and Fort Donelson
Civil War bettle in Tennessee in which the Union army gained greater control over the Mississippi River valley
Battle of Shiloh