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Civil rights is the freedom __ ______, or the Right to ____ ______.
to government, equal protection
Discrimination is ___ if unjustified. To justify, a ---- has to be clearly defined.
illegal, cppp
The - - -, under the 14th amendment, states that gov't policy (must/must not) apply to everyone in -, unless certain conditions are met.
Equal Protection Clause, must, public places
- is treating people differently due to conditions. There are two conditions for it. 1. -: no cppp. 2. -: is a cppp (ex.: age - driving, vote)
Discrimination, unreasonable, reasonable
- categories: the burden of proof on the gov't to show that discrimination is reasonable.
Two prime concerns for discrimination are:
Race and Ethnicity
- vs - is a supreme court case that said public services can be sepearte but equal and (would/wouldn't) be in violation of a cppp.
Plessy, Fergusion, wouldn't
- vs -: 1st part states that "inherienty unequal" for segregation to exist; 2nd part said that intergrated with all delibrat speed applies to all gov't services, (and/but not) private services.
Brown, Board of Ed., but not
The Civil Rights Act of '64 outlawed racial discrimination in private settings that involve - -.
interstate commerce
The Voting Right Act of '65 nationalized voting procedures for voting and elections in - states. If a change was needed, it had to be - by the national gov't.
southern, approved
Affirmative Action is the most (misunderstood/understood) action today. It calls fo positive and active methods to those who want to represent politics.
De facto vs dejure seg.: means - vs - seg. Dejure is (const./unconst.), de facto is rarely (const/unconst). - states that you can't have a sep. school system within same district
fact, law, const., unconst., dejure.
Remediation for past Discrimination: - -, quotas, "- -". Different treatment is permitted if in - setting unless gov't has found evidence of past discrimination. In private setting it (is/isn't) employeers' choice.
affirmative action, reverse discrim., public, is
Reverse discrimination is when diff treatment (is/isn't) practiced in public.
- Case: a University (can/cannot) have quotas. Diversity (can/cannot) be taken into acount.
Grouter, cannot, can
Gender Discrim. is allowed if - and backed by -.
proper, stats
- -: can violate the EPC, based on race
racial profiling
- -: if proven, addtional penalties in court since it makes the crime more violent
hate crime
sppech codes: can't - in public places, conflicts with 1st amendment.
- -: special treatment for those with less common pratice of - -
sexual orientation
civil rights crimes are - cases that deal with - -, and carry lots of -.
difficult, difficult issues, confusion