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bill of complaint
must be served w/i 12 months of bringing suit (if not, no decree will be entered against D)

D must file responsive pleading w/i 21 days of service (if not, it will be taken for confessed)
motion to quash
must be filed before or with pleading on the merits
motion objecting to venue
must be filed w/i 21 days of service of process

if D who created proper venue is dismissed, D can object to venue w/i 10 days after dismissal
must be filed before D files grounds of defense
must be filed w/i 21 days after service of process
bill of review (equity)
must be filed w/i 6 months of final decree
petition to rehear (equity)
must be filed w/i 21 days after final decree
summary judgment
either party can make motion for SJ after parties are "at issue"
notice of appeal
must be filed w/i 30 days of entry of final judgment
petition for appeal (to Supreme Court of Virginia)
must be filed w/i 3 months of judgment in trial court

must be filed w/i 30 days following review by Court of Appeals

must be filed w/i 4 months of judgment of SCC
suit to impeach a will
must be brought w/i 6 months of will being admitted to probate
final judgments / orders / decrees
remain under control of trial court and are subject to being modified / vacated / or suspended for 21 days after date of entry