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14th Amendment protects 1st amendment
Gitlow v. New York
Court upheld an invasion of privacy
Olmstead v. US
Counsel only require in capital cases
Betts v Brady
Speech restriction increased in Cold War
Dennis V. US
Dealt with obtaining evidence illegally
Mapp v. Ohio
Regent's Prayer unconstitutional
Engel v Vitale
Everyone has right to apponited counsel
Gideon v Wainwright
"I know obsenity when I see it"-Potter
Jacobellis v Ohio
Can criticize leaders due to this ruling
NY Times Co. V Sullivan
Outlawed child pornography
Osborne v Ohio
Outlaws prohibiting contraceptives
Griswold v Coneticut
Established reading of rights to criminals
Miranda v Arizona
Law stopping evolution teaching is wrong
Epperson v Arkansas
No Bible readings in school
Abington v. Schempp
Lemon v Kurtzman
State money cannot be used for religious schools
Pentagon papers set censorship policy
NY Times v US
Said death penalty violated 8th amendment
Furman v. Georgia
Set guidelines for what is "obscene"
Miller v California
Abortion legalized
Roe v. Wade
Gag orders did not prevent a fair trail
Nebraska Press assoc. v Stuart
No one has the right to attend a trial
Gannett Co. v. De Pasquale
All trials public except in certain cases
Richmond Newspapers v VA
Moments of silence for prayer outlawed
Wallace v Jaffree
Insane death row inmate can't be executed
Ford v Wainwright
Religion/evolution can't be taught together
Edwards v Aguillard
Black/white murder stats show racism
McClesky v Klemp
Mentally Retarded can't be executed
Penny v Lynaugh
16 year olds can be executed for murder
Stanford v Kenturky
Flag burning ruled legal
Texas v Johnson
Public hospitals can't be abortion clinics
Webster v Rep. Health Services